Where do games go when they disappear from Apple Arcade? Apple explains what really happens

Apple has unveiled the options available to app developers after its departure from Apple Arcade.

Where do games go when they disappear from Apple Arcade?  Apple explains what really happens
A new document explains what happens to games that are no longer available on Apple Arcade

Some time ago, those from Cupertino surprised with the Apple Arcade launch, your subscription video game service thanks to which it is possible to enjoy a unique collection of games from any of your devices. This has vSeveral advantages for both users and developersalthough from time to time certain adjustments are made in the catalog.

Not too long ago we echoed that 15 games are going to disappear from Apple Arcade, as the developers have decided that these titles no longer available on the platform. After obtaining some more information, we were able to clarify many of the doubts about what would happen when removing these games from the catalog, and now Apple has publicly clarified what will happen to each game it opts out of. the platform.

Developers have several options when leaving Apple Arcade, and they are the ones who decide

According to a new support document, it seems that in general, if a game disappears from Apple Arcade, it will not be possible to download it again subsequently. People who have it installed will be able to continue playing for at least two weeksalthough later a warning message will be displayed. “Not available” when trying to open it.

In this line, once the withdrawal of the game from Apple Arcade is accepted, the developer does not have to enable it for download from the App Store. It is an option that they have, but according to what is detailed it seems that there is no no obligation that the game on the App Store and the one that was available on Apple Arcade are the same.

Apple Arcade games have very comprehensive requirements, and for example may not display advertising or offer purchases within the app. All costs are covered by the Apple Arcade subscription. However, by leaving this sector and making it available for sale (or for free) through the App Store, all these limitations are removed.

As a detail, if the developer chooses to make his game available to all users in the App Store, he will also decide if there is any ability to transfer full progress between each version. Otherwise, even if the game is the same, you will have to start over from the beginning.

“If the developer makes their game available on the App Store and allows you to load your saved progress, you can pick up where you left off in the Arcade version.”

Thus, ultimately it seems that it ends up being the developer who decides how to act after his departure from Apple Arcade. There are many firms that have large agreements with Apple and, therefore, will keep their different games on the platform for years to come. However, it seems that some of the contracts are starting to expireand developers who are not happy with the platform are still within their rights to dispense with it.