This may be one of those questions that many of the less experienced users in the world of technology and specifically Apple can ask themselves, and for this reason we are going to answer as clearly as possible about What is the difference between the model with GPS and the model with GPS + Cellular?

We can say right away that absolutely all the models that Apple is marketing today in terms of Apple Watch are concerned, they have GPS. That’s good since we can have exciting features thanks to this technology and our linked iPhone.

What exactly does GPS mean on the Apple Watch?

This technology that is added from the Apple Watch allows us to perform actions such as sending and receiving messages, answering calls and receiving notifications. when we have our iPhone connected to the watch via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. And in addition to this, the integrated GPS that we have in Apple Watch works without the need for the connected iPhone to record with activity applications a distance, the pace and the itinerary that we take when we exercise.

What exactly does it mean to have GPS + Cellular?

The good thing about this technology is that in addition to recording physical activity, as we do with the rest of the Cupertino firm’s models, the Apple Watch with GPS + Cellular allows us to send and receive messages, all kinds of push notifications, respond to incoming calls, receiving notifications, listening to Apple Music and Apple Podcasts (depending on the country) without the need to carry the iPhone with you.

From what we can say that it gives the watch the necessary independence with our phone number to be able to leave the iPhone at home. After one year this option is available in our country thanks to negotiations between Apple and the operators Orange and Vodafone. For now, they are the only two operators that will offer this service to users of the Apple Watch GPS + Cellular, in a while it is almost certain that others will join.