What happens if you UPGRADE M1 Max MacBook Pro to M2 Max?

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Oh boy, this is a big one. The new M2 Max MacBook Pro is here and based on my testing it’s a surprisingly capable machine with noticeable improvements over the previous generation! But what if you have an M1 Pro MacBook Pro and you want to upgrade? Can you simply swap out the logic board for one equipped with M2 Pro or M2 Max? Today we’re going to answer that questions that not one single person has asked! What happens if you try to upgrade an M1 Max MacBook Pro to an M2 Max MacBook Pro: Today we will find out!

Time stamps
0:00 Today’s experiment
2:54 Logic board comparison
4:21 MacBook Disassembly
6:41 Installing M2 Max in M1 MacBook Pro
8:37 Does it work?!?!?
12:10 Conclusions and Lessons

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