What Exactly Is Focus Mode on the iPhone

Original title: “What the hell is iPhone’s focus mode?”

Now that we are in the information age, we are bombarded with all kinds of information from apps every day. Especially in the past two years, more and more apps have been installed by users. Apps also want to have a more sense of presence. Various notifications are almost ” I believe that many iOS users have a deep understanding of “grabbing” to push in our mobile phones.

I am an iOS system user. Some time ago, I forgot to turn off the sound notification on my mobile phone at night. This night, my mobile phone “ding ding dong dong”, and I didn’t sleep for a minute. I can’t wait for more than 20 notifications to pop up in ten minutes. It was unbearable.

But there is a very real problem in front of me. There are too many applications downloaded on the mobile phone. It would be too time-consuming and laborious for me to set them up one by one, so I turned my attention to Apple’s launch on iOS 15. focus mode”.

Source: Apple official website

In fact, I don’t know much about this function. In my impression, it is a “scene mode” function that has appeared on Android for a long time. The two are very similar, or the original intention of the two is the same. Being able to put down the phone and work and study in a more focused way is precisely because of this that I didn’t pay much attention to it.

But after my research during this period of time, don’t say, Apple’s “focus mode” really has something.

“Focus mode” is the “foreshadowing” buried by Apple

Before talking about the focus mode, let’s talk about why Apple will come up with the function of focus mode.

When we use mobile phones every day, there may be a detail that everyone has not noticed, that is, Apple has never launched any game mode. The current Android phones have added a game mode, which can enhance the game experience through various exclusive optimizations and performance scheduling, and also added various distinctive functions to it. Such as button mapping, wonderful screenshots, etc. The addition of these functions really makes many friends who like games feel the convenience.

Source: mobile phone screenshot

But why doesn’t Apple make one?

At this point, we can make a guess. Apple has always been very confident in its hardware and software, and has a feeling of “what I give you is the best”, but in fact this also represents Apple’s “dictatorship”. If something is given to you, you can use it or not. .

It is likely that Apple did not add game features because of its confidence in its own game performance. After all, the addition of miscellaneous functions to the IOS system will not only make the iOS system bloated and complicated, but also reduce the “forced style” of iOS that Apple believes. After all, many people who use iOS phones still don’t like tossing and complicated functions. . Moreover, there are still many business people who are also Apple users, and the addition of the game mode will make many users feel disgusted.

Source: Apple official website

But Android’s game mode is not only a performance improvement, but also functions such as blocking incoming calls, blocking notifications, and exclusive game pages.

These are all very practical, Apple is really not bothered?

In fact, Apple has already thought about this matter, and the secret is hidden in the “focus mode”.

Before talking about the focus mode, let’s talk about a feature that has been criticized by users on iOS, that is: the App Library resource library.

Source: Apple official website

The resource library was born when iOS 14 appeared. At that time, because it could not be customized, this function was complained by countless people. Even in iOS 16, no improvement was made. Many people wondered why Apple did this. Obsessed with the resource library, and can’t customize it, this function is really tasteless.

But in iOS 15, with the introduction of focus mode, I suddenly understood Apple’s idea of ​​doing this.

In the iOS resource library, we can place two identical application icons on the same page, that is, we can DIY different exclusive application pages.

Source: iPhone screenshot

Put a WeChat on the first page, and the same on the second page.

This way we can isolate different usage scenarios.

And on iOS 14, Apple also added an intriguing feature to the desktop, which is to hide the desktop page.

Source: iPhone screenshot

These two functions are relatively tasteless when taken out separately, but with the launch of the iOS 15 focus mode, everything is connected in series.

We can set up a separate page dedicated to placing games, and hide this page to avoid affecting the layout and use of our normal main interface.

When we achieved this step, we ushered in the very critical “focus mode” setting. We can set a “game mode” separately in the focus mode, in this mode, we set to only display the game desktop that is hidden by us.

Source: iPhone screenshot

Then block notifications and incoming calls, leaving only functions such as WeChat notifications and calls from important contacts.

Source: iPhone screenshot

After completing a series of operations, we will be pleasantly surprised to find that we can enjoy this DIY exclusive game mode through the focus mode.

And this functional layout is not limited to DIY “game mode”, let me give you a few chestnuts 🌰.

Through these operations, we can DIY an “off-duty mode”, completely block the notifications of Feishu and information apps, and enjoy our off-duty time.

Or DIY a “Qiafan mode”. After we turn on this mode, only the meal apps such as Bilibili, XX Video, etc. will be displayed.

Another example is when you meet your girlfriend “Chagang”, turn on the “❤️” mode to automatically hide all sensitive application pages. When your girlfriend praises your phone for being “clean”, she will also feel your love for her because of the red love heart.

Source: iPhone screenshot

It really kills two birds with one stone.

Of course, if you still feel that these functions are not enough, then we also have an advanced version to choose from.

The premise of this choice is the “shortcut”, which makes the focus mode smarter through automation.

For example, when we get home from get off work and enjoy our off-duty time, when we turn on the “off-duty mode”, the automatic operation will help us turn on the air conditioner, close the curtains, turn on the TV and other operations.

Source: iPhone screenshot

Or while entering the “game mode”, the automatic operation sends a WeChat or text message “Please enter the battlefield” to a friend, thus realizing the “automatic calling” of comrades-in-arms to join the battle.

Or simply, the off-duty mode is automatically turned on when you get home, and the off-duty mode is automatically turned off when you go out.

These functions of Apple are far more than 1+1=2. When these functions are connected in series, unexpected effects will be produced.

In addition, I admire Apple’s ability to “digging holes” even more. It can warm up new features before a version. Even after countless users complain, they still don’t change their minds.

Apple, it has to be you.

After so many years, Android still can’t do “focus mode” well

Having said that, I also want to talk to you about Android’s “focus mode”.

In the first half of 2019, OnePlus added a “Zen mode” to its “Hydrogen OS”, the purpose is to allow consumers to better leave their phones and enjoy life, and encourage users to focus on More importantly, instead of staying up until two or three o’clock because the mobile phone takes up the whole day, especially at night.

The original intention of this function is good, and the market feedback is also very good. Many users say that they can concentrate more on work and study, and can avoid staying up late at night.

Source: screenshot from OnePlus

But the problem is that once the meditation mode of OnePlus is turned on, it can only make emergency calls and answer incoming calls.

I used a OnePlus mobile phone for a period of time before, and the anti-mistouch was not good at that time, and I didn’t have the habit of setting a lock screen password at that time. Here comes the interesting part. Once when I went out to buy something, the “Meditation Mode” that I put my phone in my pocket and didn’t know how to do it was turned on by mistake. I “Meditated” for ten minutes when I paid. Unbearable memories.

Today’s “Zen Mode” has also disappeared into OnePlus mobile phones with the retreat of Hydrogen OS. It is embarrassing. We complain about it, but the function is indeed a good function. I hope that OnePlus will be able to put this Let’s add the function back.

In addition to OnePlus, there are also some manufacturers who want to pull consumers out of “electronic drugs”, such as Palm’s automatic flight mode after locking the screen, and Bamuda’s mobile phone screen that automatically mutes notifications to focus on work. Although they all have their own characteristics, they are all palliative functions, not the root cause, far inferior to OnePlus’ “Zen Mode”. The rest of the mobile phone manufacturers have also gradually deleted the “scene mode”. After so many years, Apple picked it up again, which is somewhat dramatic.

Source: Photo by Pinwan LU

In fact, I think that the forced disabling of mobile phones such as meditation mode is like elementary school students learning. Don’t worry about what you want to learn, and you can’t learn what you don’t want to learn. How to improve self-control is the root of everything.

Similar to “Zen Mode” on iOS, it is actually the function of “Screen Time”, which helps users with weak self-control to force “rest”, and for users who know when to do what, “Focus Mode” is more suitable for them.

Source: iPhone screenshot

In Apple’s eyes, the mobile phone has already become a product that people can’t get rid of. If you can’t refuse it, then enjoy it. As a result, Apple separated the modes required for various time periods and launched the function of “focus mode”, which allows mobile phones to better integrate into life, subdivides usage scenarios, and provides greater convenience.

The only problem with “Focus Mode” is the learning cost. Personally, I think the learning cost of “Focus Mode” is too high. In today’s impetuous society, many users do not have so much time to learn how to use a new function. If you have time to ponder, I believe that “Focus Mode” will definitely help you a lot.

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