This is how Apple Arcade has grown quietly in the shadow of Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation

Apple’s video game platform is succeeding in the market.

This is how Apple Arcade has grown quietly in the shadow of Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation
Apple Arcade has grown a lot since its launch in 2019.

Apple’s commitment to the service sector has been brutal. The launch of platforms such as Apple TV+, Apple News, Apple Music or Apple Arcade has meant that the economic benefits for services multiply year after year.

Without going any further, last year Apple generated more than 15,000 million dollars in a single quarter in its services category. And things continue to go well in this regard, according to CNET.

Apple’s subscription video game service it has been known to make a hole in the market and has grown quietly under the long shadow of big companies like Nintendo, Xbox or PlayStation.

The success of Apple Arcade in an impossible market

As the big companies in the video game industry have shaped the sector, it was practically unthinkable that a company like Apple –or any other– would manage to gain a foothold in the market. But the Cupertino firm did it with apple arcade.

Over the past three years since the launch of Apple Arcade, the platform has followed a clear marketing strategy: double its number of video games in the catalog with casual titles at a very affordable price to increase your number of followers.

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Apple Arcade and its large catalog of video games

The number of video games present in the Apple Arcade catalog has gone growing progressively in the same way that the platform itself did in the industry of gaming.

It all started with a catalog of around 100 games in a specially dedicated section of the App Store. Apple’s application store has helped, and a lot, in the growth of Apple Arcade thanks to the preparation of news from editors and its suggestion system with featured publications.

Matt Fischervice president of Apple’s App Store, spoke about Apple Arcade like this:

“We are defining a new category with the first subscription service for mobile, desktop and living room games, and we have challenged ourselves to release 100 brand new games that capture the quality and fun we wanted the service to represent.”

According to Matt Fischer, the company behind the bitten apple logo debuted far more games than any other service of video games, including giants in the sector such as Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, EA Play or Nintendo Switch Online.

Now we will have to see how the subscription figures continue to develop after the arrival of the alternatives to the App Store that will be allowed thanks to the new regulations of the Digital Markets Law.

Apple Arcade is a place full of possibilities and Apple’s huge user base has served as a fundamental pillar for the service to grow in a wonderful virtual world dominated by Steam, PlayStation and Xbox.