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Winning the lottery would change anyone’s life, especially if you win $130 million. However, a man from England claims to be “bored” with his luxurious life because he does not do anything productive. Learn more about this unique history what has become viral on social networks.

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Neil Trottera mechanic coulsdonin South London, won the Euromillions lottery in March 2014, after purchasing a set of £10 ($11) ‘Lucky Dip’ tickets.

With one of those tickets he matched all seven numbers and won the ‘jackpot’, which at the time was £107.9 million ($125 million).

What was the first thing you did with the prize?

According to the portal Daily Mail, Trotter, a fan of race cars, improved his Ford Focus and bought sports cars, such as Jaguars and Porches. In addition, bought a mansion which had a private lake.

Although he has not yet spent all his wealth, the man claims to be “quite bored” with his life of luxury, mainly because he does not do anything productive.

Before winning the lottery, Neil was a mechanic.

Neil Trotter on the hood of one of his race cars.  |  PHOTO: The Sun

Neil Trotter on the hood of one of his race cars. | PHOTO: The Sun

“Going from having to work to not having to work anymore was a pretty strange thing to adjust to. I soon discovered that sitting at home watching TV all day was pretty boring.” specified the winner of the Euromillions lottery in dialogue with the sun.

always dreamed big

According to the portal the sunTrotter told those closest to him that one day he was going to have so much money that he would buy a mansion with a lake.

Before winning the lottery, the man told his father’s office staff that “by this time tomorrow” he would be a millionaire. It was a strange premonition that, for obvious reasons, no one took seriously.

A few hours after the draw took place, the man realized that EuroMillions deposited the extraordinary amount of 107,932,603.20 pounds sterling.

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