The music we have in iTunes will be available in the new Apple Music application


If you’ve built an entire music library through iTunes over the years, chances are the news of the disappearance of itunes don’t make you happysince it could be the end of your music library as you know it and to which you have dedicated so many hours.

Although sometimes it seems Apple doesn’t take users into account, with the release of macOS Catalina, iTunes as we know it disappears completely giving rise to three applications: Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Podcast. However, iTunes for Windows will not be affected and will continue to be and offer the same functions that it currently does.


Fortunately for Mac users, Apple has remembered them and the Apple Music app will be the one to will be in charge, starting with the release of macOS Catalina, of the library that we currently have on iTunes.

In addition, it will also allow us to continue enjoying all those songs or albums that we had previously purchased through iTunes, showing a fairly similar interface, so it will take us a lot of work to get hold of it. What has not been confirmed yet is whether it will continue to allow us to convert our CDs to audio files, although it is most likely.

If we connect an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to our Mac, instead of opening an application, it will be shown in the Finder, as if it were a connected unit. When you click on that unit, the same functions that we can find in iTunes today will be displayed to make a backup, restore the device…

Windows users, an Apple spokesperson confirmed to Ars Technica, will continue to use iTunessince there are no plans, at least for the moment, to separate iTunes into three applications as they have done with macOS Catalina.