The iPhone 15 Pro will redesign its edges again. They will have the appearance of an Apple Watch, according to rumors

We keep hearing rumors of the next iPhone. At a time when Apple is closing the design before starting production tests, the wave of information we have about the new iPhone 15 is more than considerable. On this occasion we details of the edges of the phone arrivesomething that we had already heard about, but that is now more clearly outlined.

It is from the hand of the leaker ShrimpApplePro, on Twitter, that we discovered, always allegedly, Apple’s plans for the Pro variants of the iPhone 15. As he has tweeted we will see the same screen layout with changes to the edges itself and has also confirmed the diagonal sizes we expect.

One more evolution in the form of a redesign

Starting with the size of the screens, ShrimpApplePro confirms that we will see the same as the current generation, even with the redesign. Of the latter, we expect the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max to have thinner edges and rounded corners. The screen itself will remain flat, which leaves us wondering if only the rear corners They will have some rounding or also the frontal ones.

Regarding the appearance, the filter establishes a similarity with the Apple Watchwhich round the ends to streamline the edges and also to blur the line between the screen and the body of the device as much as possible.

According to the published tweets, The entry iPhone 15 will also have this curved design and they will include the Dynamic Island that has arrived with the iPhone 14 Pro. From the absence of changes in the arrangement and size of the holes for the cameras, we could deduce minimal changes in them.

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Despite his funny username, ShrimpApplePro has been correct on several occasions with its predictions, so it is a good idea that we take your observations into account. That being said, Apple’s plans can change quite quickly, so we’ll have to wait for a few months, probably March or April, when CAD plans can give us more details. In any case, it seems that this year’s iPhone will come with some curious changes.

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