The bargain of the day: these iPhone 13 arrive at the refurbished store and are a unique opportunity with discounts of up to 280 euros

Apple has added new iPhones to its refurbished store. The iPhone 13, both in its mini variant, as Pro and Pro Max, are available with interesting discounts. Some iPhones that compete very well with the current iPhone 14 and that we can take us for a much lower price than that of the main store.

The Apple Refurbished Store is a great place to look for opportunities. The discounts are notable and also the products come directly from Apple, which is a guarantee in itself. Now that all the rumors are already focused on the iPhone 15, let’s see for how much less we can get an iPhone 13.

Significant discounts for very capable iPhones

Taking into account that these iPhones have the same type of Apple guarantee as the rest of the products and that we are talking about discounts between 120 and 280 euros, we are facing really attractive iPhones. Some iPhones that were presented only a year and four months ago and that are still very close to the current generation.

The refurbished section of the Apple store is really little known. It offers models that after being returned by the original buyer or needing a repair are put back on sale at a discounted price. On iPhones, Apple checks functionality and makes any necessary repairs, always change both the battery and the external casing and provides one year warranty. The original manuals and accessories are also included and it is delivered in a new white box.

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Screenshot 2023 01 26 At 8 31 06

Unlike the usual store, but, in the reconditioned specific configurations are offered. We can talk about a 218 GB iPhone 13 mini in midnight color for 689 euros or a 256 GB iPhone 13 Pro in graphite color for 1089 euros, for example. If the model we are looking for is available in the store, the price difference is undoubtedly attractive. Meanwhile, if we are looking for a specific configuration not yet available, a little patience may be a good idea. We are talking, for practical purposes, about iPhones that, without counting the difference between the official box and the white box in which they are delivered, impossible to distinguish from brand new.

Buy refurbished iPhone: tips, recommendations and what to consider

Looking a little further in the field of bargains we can find other alternatives such as Amazon, although price for price, it is very likely that we will be inclined to buy directly from Apple. It is true that the device will come in a white box without labeling, but with the same guarantee and rigor that Apple applies to all its products.

Image | Phuc Khang Mobile