The arrival of the Apple Watch Pro could mean the disappearance of the Apple Watch Edition

The ‘Edition’ collection of Apple Watch could disappear once the Apple Watch Pro is introduced.

The arrival of the Apple Watch Pro could mean the disappearance of the Apple Watch Edition
With the arrival of the new Apple Watch Pro, the ‘Edition’ collection could disappear

As you probably already know, the Apple Watch Series 8 is getting closer, which is why the rumors are increasing. However, it seems that this year will not be the only watch that Apple will present, but rather It will arrive accompanied by its ‘Pro’ model about which little by little we are obtaining more information.

If the rumors are true, the Apple Watch Pro should come with a titanium casevery similar to that of the current Apple Watch Edition Series 7, which is why it is thought that, with the arrival of this new model, the ‘Edition’ collection could tend to disappear completely.

The Apple Watch Edition loses all its meaning if the Apple Watch Pro is as we expect

As MacRumors comments, currently while the standard model of the Apple Watch Series 7 starts at 429 euros in the official store of the brand, if you opt for one of the models of the Apple Watch Edition collection, the base price grows to 829 eurosthis without too many changes with respect to the original edition.

Far from adding new features, the only substantive change to the Apple Watch Edition from the regular model is that its case is made of titanium, a more resistant material than the stainless steel or aluminum present in the rest of the versions. Also comes with other special straps that make its price grow, but there is no added function at the watch level.

Instead, With the Apple Watch Pro it is expected that, in addition to also arriving in titanium, it will include some extra. There has been talk for a while about a temperature sensor that could help make measurements, and it could even come with an improved design (not just built in another material) and that would even be substantially larger than the Apple Watch Series 8. In fact, the idea is that this model has a more than determined target audience and focuses on satisfying their needs, not being a good option for everyone.

If the rumors are right, the Apple Watch Pro will be slightly more expensive than the Apple Watch Edition Series 7 current. The construction materials would be the same, and it would add extra functions that would justify the increase in its price, thus winning over its buyers. Precisely for this very reason, continuing with the Apple Watch Edition would not make much senseor at least not if they do it as before.

It is true that some years ago we saw a watch from the ‘Edition’ collection in its ceramic model, which was more attractive to some users. Perhaps his return can improve sales of the Apple Watch Series 8, about which we know more and more. However, everything would point to this entire collection was replaced by the ‘Pro’ range of the watch, because having better features for a similar price it would be the favorite of users looking for a somewhat more premium model of the Apple watch.