The Apple Watch Ultra box comes with surprises: 4 completely new details

The Apple Watch Ultra is a completely unique device and so is its box: Apple has hidden some secrets.

The Apple Watch Ultra box comes with surprises: 4 completely new details
The Apple Watch Ultra box includes many new features and secrets. Images via iJustine

The Apple Watch Ultra will arrive this week to all those who reserved it, but there are some lucky ones who have already been able to try it and discover their new box. And thanks to the first unboxings we have been able to discover that Apple has hidden some secrets and details in the box that we should not overlook.

we are before one of Apple’s most ambitious Apple Watch, very large, with a lot of battery and designed for those more adventurous and athletes. It’s not an Apple Watch for everyone, which is perhaps why Apple has completely redesigned the case.

Apple has hidden some secrets in the box of the Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra case is unlike any other Apple Watch case. Traditionally the packaging It is elongated in shape, to include the straps. But in this case we are dealing with a shorter and squarer box. A very different box from those of the other Apple Watch models.

But not only the box is different because of its shape, but also because of some of the details it includes:

  1. mountains in the box. A clear statement of intent before even opening the Apple Watch Ultra box. We have some snowy mountains that represent the adventurous spirit of the device.
  2. Braided charging cable. Like other devices like the HomePod, or MacBook or iMac cables, the Apple Watch Ultra charging cable is braided, which gives it a more premium look and will make it more durable.
  3. The exact coordinates of Apple Park. Like the box of any Apple product, we see the slogan “Designed by Apple in California.” But Apple has added a great detail: just below you will see the coordinates of the exact location of Apple Park: “37°20’5.5674″ N, 122°0’32.3274” W. Again a clear allusion to GPS and adventure.
  4. A new explanatory brochure. In the Apple Watch Ultra box we see a huge brochure explaining the device and its functions. This is something very unusual in Apple devices, which at most include a small folded sheet explaining some functions.

You can see all these details of the box, as well as some impressions of the exclusive functions, of the Apple Watch Ultra in the video of iJustinewhich has already been able to analyze the new Apple Watch.

Of course the Apple Watch Ultra is a unique device from the moment you take it out of its box. One of the best Apple Watch that Apple has created and that inaugurates a new category within the company’s watches.