The Apple Watch Pro could be the “One more thing” of the iPhone 14 event and arrive with news

Apple wants to surprise us with its family of smartwatches!

The Apple Watch Pro could be the "One more thing" of the iPhone 14 event and arrive with news
The Apple Watch Pro could have a 47mm screen (Concept by Jon Prosser)

For months the rumors about the arrival of a new member of the Apple Watch Series 8 family have only increased. And just one week away from the launch of the new edition of the devices, leakers and analysts bet on the arrival of the Apple Watch Pro. And they even believe that it could be so interesting as to be the “One more thing” of the event, thanks to its high-end features.

One of the latest leaks from the Mac Otakara supply chain, citing reliable sources, ensures that The Apple Watch Pro could release the largest screen ever seen on this device. Thus, this would be 47 mm and this would be completely flat. Currently the Apple Watch models have a screen with curved edges, while the specific case of the Apple Watch Series 7 is available with 41mm and 45mm screens.

A different Apple Watch is coming

To be more specific, it is important to clarify that the 47mm size does not refer to the size of the Apple Watch Pro screen. Instead, it refers to the vertical size of the case itself that Apple Watch Pro is expected to offer a 1.99-inch displaysignificantly larger than the 1.77-inch screen on the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7.

The latest report includes the size of the screen as a new feature, however it is not the only thing that would differentiate the Apple Watch Pro. Other expected features for the Apple Watch Pro include:

  • Titanium casing.
  • Longer battery life, an extended low power mode.
  • An S8 chip.

Fortunately, and after so many months of exceptions, it will finally be this September 7 when we will be able to know all the details of the new Apple Watch Series 8 and the expected iPhone 14. Thus, like the initial price, which until now it is believed it could be around $799 to $999.