The Apple Watch 8 will have a new design – Important difference is its flat screen

In the latest video on his channel Front Page Tech on YouTube, prominent analyst John Prosser highlights information posted by the Twitter account ShrimpApplePro suggesting that the upcoming Apple Watch 8 may feature a flat-screen design. Remember, this design was first popularized with the Apple Watch 7.

On Twitter, ShrimpApplePro, citing sources, said the Apple Watch does have a flat glass front. It is said that this is most likely the front glass of the Apple Watch 8. However, there is no clear information on the overall design or model of the upcoming Apple Watch. It will likely be a flat screen, which may look like Chances because the information has to do with the flat-edge Apple Watch design he shared with John Prosser last year .

Last July, John Prosser posted a rumour claiming that Apple was working on a watch with a flat square bezel. At the time, Prosser suggested that the design might work for the Apple Watch 8 but said it might also work with another future Apple Watch model, such as the XNUMX series.

The Apple Watch 7 debuted last April with a design very close to the one we’re using now. Still, the latest ShrimpApplePro info suggests that the rumoured flat design of the Apple Watch may be for this year’s new model, he said. He also added that it is believed that the flat screen will be ready for mass production soon, possibly along with the windshield of the iPhone 2000 model, and there will be more to share next month.

This year, Apple is rumoured to be preparing to launch three new Apple Watch models, including the Apple Watch 8, the second-generation Apple Watch SE, and a new Apple Watch “Explorer Edition” with improved durability. Prosser suggested that the flat edge design could be customized for any of these new models.
The ShrimpApplePro account is well known in the Apple rumour community, showing the iPhone 14 Pro’s True Depth camera lineup for the first time with precise depth, thin bezels, and dimensions.

Leak confirmed that the Apple Watch 7 will have a circular design similar to the Apple Watch 6 but with thinner screen edges.

According to the new information, Prosser shared what the flat-edged design might look like on the Apple Watch 8, which is rumoured to feature body temperature monitoring, improved activity tracking, and other features.

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