The 10 tricks you need to beat the levels of Plants vs Zombies 2

plants vs zombies 2

Just a few hours ago, PopCap released its star game of the summer to all countries: Plants vs. Zombies 2. In the review we gave you, we talked about the main objective of the game and, above all, the two functions that are in the game to prevent zombies from entering our house. But, as I told you, in some levels you will find yourself with more problems and it will not be as easy to pass the levels as it had been until then.

Thanks to these 10 tricks, clues or help that we write below you will be able to pass the levels of Plants vs Zombies 2 much faster of what you spend now. These cheats will be important for the game levels. Forward!


Sunflowers are more than important

The most important thing in the game is the suns. Without suns we cannot buy plants to kill the zombies and for this we must use the sunflowers to the maximum. For this, these are our tips:

  • Plant two columns of sunflowers before starting to place the plants that drop “bombs”. Defend the sunflowers with a potato or an underground mine.
  • Using them double sunflowers instead of the individual ones even though they are worth more.
  • implant nutrients if necessary, if we are facing an imminent forced death.


Take advantage of the effects of plants in rows without obstacles

In some levels we will find that the rows are not complete because there will be many spaces of water or covered by tombstones. In these cases where the zombies will go much faster, we must use those plants that have a greater zone attack, I mean, we must put plants that cause the greatest damage in the complete rows, generally 2 and 4. Thus , we prevent spending excessive money from taking effect.


Use nutrients at the right times

As I explained to you, in Plants vs. Zombies 2 we have a new tool: nutrients. They are limited so we have to know how to use them correctly. The more the plant is worth, the greater effect the nutrient will have on it. It is important to use the nutrients in the waves of zombies and, in the plants that are worth more or have a greater effect on the attackers. We usually use the nutrients in sunflowers and coconut tanks.


New cards in the Purple world

When we get to the Purple world we have some cards we can play with. The choice of these cards is always random, from those cards we must choose the ones we want to play with. But, on many occasions we will not have luck and we will get bad cards. How to fix this?

Very simple, we exit the application, double-click on the Home button and then delete the multitasking application. Then we open Plants vs. Zombies 2 again and the Purple world cards will have changed.


Winning formation in Last Stand III: Pirate World

According to iMore, if we use the formation that is in the upper photograph we will be able to overcome this very complicated level. Making use of the Bonk Choy and the Spikeweeds we will be able to pass this level of such difficulty in the blink of an eye.

I have already tried this formation and yes, I passed it…


Restart level to avoid losing a Yeti treasure

As “Crazy” Dave explained to you in the game’s tutorial, when we see a level with the Yeti next to it, it means that we will have this being hanging around the level, but if we kill it, we will have a treasure. But what if we get the treasure and lose the level? Well, we have lost the treasure that we so longed for.

If you have the treasure and you are about to lose, just restart the level and the same yeti will appear again with the same treasure and move your pieces to successfully finish the level to get the treasure.


If we enter a Yeti level, we have to finish him off.

A fundamental rule of Plants vs. Zombies 2 is the following:

If we enter a level with Yeti and take the treasure, we have to finish the level to enjoy what we have taken. That is, if we take the treasure we have to finish the level and beat the zombies, once again, otherwise we have lost the treasure that we had caught.


How to kill seagull zombies effectively

In some levels seagull zombies will appear flying over the water and the land. They cause a lot of damage to the plants and for this we have to eliminate them as we see them. As? Very simple, using a kernel-put. That is, if we see a seagull zombie we must be prepared with a kernel-put, otherwise it will be very difficult to kill the seagull that is on the zombies side.


Zombies always follow the same routes

Let’s take a good look at one level. If a zombie comes from row 1, another from row 3 and finally, another from row 5; if we lose the level, we will know that when we restart the level there will be the same number of zombies for the same rows. That is, the levels are predefined, they do not change. It is important to note which routes the zombies follow in case we ever have to restart the level.


Always reinforcements in the first columns

We all know that the last thing zombies attack is the first columns. So, we must take advantage of that to place powerful plants in these columns so that the zombies can die as soon as possible. The plants that most should be placed in the first columns are: kernel-pult, melon-put or cabbage-pult…

To kill zombies!

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Source – iMore