Telegram has added a lot of super useful news to celebrate the New Year

Discover everything that Telegram will offer in its version 9.3.

Telegram has added a lot of super useful news to celebrate the New Year
Telegram has released a new update on the App Store with invisible messages

telegram messengerone of the most popular instant messaging apps on the planet, has introduced new changes in an update that is now available in the App Store on your iPhone.

The app has been updated to your version 9.3 and has implemented new features that considerably improve the Telegram user experience.

With the latest Telegram update, iPhone users will have the ability to use new drawing tools, replace photos of contacts, hide messages and send interactive emojisamong others.

Telegram is updated with juicy news for iPhone

From Telegram they have announced all their changes on their official blog highlighting all the new features of their application in the iOS App Store and Android.

Telegram Messenger will include a system of invisible messages very similar to the one available in Apple’s Messages app. A utility to hide messages, images and links that can be used to avoid spoilers and give surprises to your contacts. An alternative to the funny invisible messages of WhatsApp Messenger to joke with your friends and family.

On the other hand, Telegram users will also be able to choose how long they will be cache files with the aim of not occupying any storage. In addition, they have introduced drawing tools to create lines, add blur, include interactive emojis, change the format of the text, modify the color and use touch gestures to interact with the tools.

“No one will miss 2022, but this update has good reason to remember it: sending media with a spoiler effect, new ways to save space on your device, new drawing tools, suggested profile photos, and more.”

Additionally, the Telegram Messenger application for iPhone will implement the option of change public profile picture of contacts. Of course, only the person who changed the photo will be able to see it on their device. Profile photo suggestions will also appear.

Finally, the app has included a new function that allows you to increase the privacy of your photos with an alternative that offers the possibility of hide profile photos and add exceptions.

You can download the latest Telegram Messenger update from here:

Without a doubt, it is a great update with a lot of news, but it is not the only great novelty of Telegram. The messaging application was already renewed in the middle of last year to offer a Premium subscription system with exclusive functions such as high-speed downloads, reactions to messages or uploading files of up to 4 GB.