No, it won’t make your job disappear: ChatGPT is to AI what the first iPhone was to phones

The first iPhone formed the final form of what we now understand as smartphone. That is to say, a mobile that finally takes advantage of the ubiquity of the Internet and the race for the miniaturization of components. All this, through a simple interface, a touch screen that requires no more effort than touching the icons that we see in front of it.

That year, almost half of Xataka’s readers were clear: the 2007 iPhone had changed the rules. Apple had just positioned itself as the new business leader and nothing would ever be the same again. And not just because he dispensed with buttons: he made everything so intuitive that it marked a new path. Was it expensive and limited? Yes. But he also stated something that nobody put into practice before.

ChatGPT hides years of work and research, OpenAI’s effort to build a bot accessible to anyone, even someone who doesn’t even know what those initials, GPT, mean. Because the tool is nothing else: a vulgar bot that spits out part of the information stored using a plain and precise syntax. And therein lies the key: flat and precise. So accessible that it overwhelms.

ChatGPT can’t steal your work

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With each new technological evolution, a small revolution. That is to say, according to the second meaning of the word, a profound change, generally violent, that stirs up the previous thing to make way for a new state of things. Luckily, jobs are governed by people, we decide what needs must be covered. The juicer squeezes the oranges, but does not harvest them.

The history of humanity is full of similar cases: the shoe shine, the elevator operator… even the accountant, when the first adding machine of 1623 took away the exclusivity. Deep Blue has not killed chess nor can MP3 eradicate CD production; in the same way as the world Wide Web he has not killed correspondence by letter. From time to time, ironically, there are drifts that operate as a force contrary to the dominant mass.

Sorry Siri: I can now talk to ChatGPT as if it were just another WhatsApp contact

At first glance, it looks like ChatGPT will wipe out quite a few jobs. For example, it is suspected that it will end the trade of copywriter more comfortable in regurgitating information without going one step further. It is not creative, but generative. There are also those who fear for the state of the art: artificial intelligence will cover that primary need to generate content, to supply a market. But we shouldn’t worry. The ultimate essence of art is the same as that of journalism: to communicate.

The digital artist making a quick sketch for a presentation will find a match in Dall-E and other tools like Stable Difussion or Midjourney. But none of the above will create out of absolute nothingness. They are algorithms that interpret information based on promptsThey have neither the intelligence to understand that information nor the inventiveness to propose a new syntax.

Of course it will damage a certain commercial fabric, but it will not eradicate it. Because they are, in short, mixers that recycle and plagiarize —be very careful with copyright—, inheriting the same ideological biases as the flow of ideas accumulated in their databases. The debate is therefore based on if we can consume second class culture generated by AIs or the luxury generated by humans.

ChatGPT on your iPhone

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And in this ChatGPT and the first iPhone are similar: both are tools and should be understood as such. In other words, a new way of fulfilling functions that were previously carried out through other channels. The iPhone never “killed” the mobile phone, rather it elevated its conception and gave rise to a flowery market. Thanks in part to this, Apple is where it is today and is the most valuable company in the world, for the fourth year in a row. ChatGPT will open a door, new usage scenarios.

For example, using ChatGPT as a replacement for Siri is as simple as creating a shortcut, installing it, renaming it, create a key, copy the generated key and paste it inside the shortcode, in the text section. This key will be the command we will use to Activate to ChatGPT. We have a tutorial explaining step by step how to turn Siri into a much smarter assistant.

Apple has it complicated with Siri: there is already a ChatGPT connected to the Internet, an AI that updates itself

The only essential requirement will be to be registered at, the official website of the project. At the moment it is free, so it is convenient to take advantage of it. In ten minutes you will have it ready. And this is all the knowledge we need to bring to life something that, in a matter of months, we’ll probably see implemented directly and less rudimentarily through its original creators. This is the nuclear basis for an idea to penetrate society and be replicated: Easy to use.

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