Jailbreak is prohibited in the conditions of use of Apple Card

The new credit card Apple Card

The conditions of use that must be accepted in order to use Apple Card. They clearly specify the Jailbreak ban on our iPhone associated with said payment card.

Goldman Sachs, Tim Cook’s financial partner in the Apple Card project, has already published the agreement with the client so that there is no doubt about it. In this agreement it is appreciated that it will not be a conventional credit card, since it comes with some exclusive conditions of Apple.

As expected, in a subject as important and serious as payment with a device, Apple will be very blunt and will not allow an iPhone to be manipulated with which we can pay, introducing applications that have not gone through the control of the company. is the acquaintance Jailbreak, an unofficial iOS, modifiedin which we can install applications of dubious origin that for one reason or another are not in the Apple Store, therefore without control by the company, with the risk that this entails.

Something like this was to be expected, since historically Apple has never been too permissive in the use of jailbreak. Any application that is available in the Apple Store has been programmed under very strict company rules, which reviews each app and its updates so that this is fulfilled. It is the eternal complaint of Apple’s detractors, its total control and lack of flexibility. It is also the advantage of its followers, the peace of mind that any application that you install is safe.

Apple Card linked to iPhone

The registration process and approval for Apple Card will be made via the iOS Wallet app, with the agreement stating that the used device must be “eligible”. This appears to be enforced in the card registration process, which means the subscriber will need to stay with the iOS firmware. This means that the registration process will verify that the firmware of the iPhone is the original one. If it isn’t, it simply won’t install. If you come up with the brilliant idea of ​​first installing Apple Card and then jailbreaking it, your access to Apple Card may be denied at any time without prior notice.

In the conditions of use, the prohibition for Apple Card subscribers to use the service to buy cash advances also appears, that is, to buy lottery tickets, bets, chips in a casino, or even cryptocurrencies, such as BitCoin or ethereum. This is nothing new. There are many countries in the world where this type of purchase with credit cards is prohibited.

In principle Apple Card will be available at the end of Augustas confirmed by Tim Cook.