iTunes will continue to be available for Windows


Last Monday, at the event to present iOS 13, wstchOS 6, macOS Catalina and tvOS 13, Apple confirmed one of the rumors that had been in circulation for more than a year and that they were related to iTunes, an application that it did everything and had become a problem for many users.

By offering so many features, iTunes had become a heavy application whose performance left a lot to be desired. With macOS Catalina, iTunes disappears completely as it is separated into three applications: Apple Podcast, Apple Music and Apple TV. However, it seems that in Windows we will continue as before.

As we can read in Ars Technica, the iTunes for Windows app will continue to be available just like it is now through the Windows application store and users of this operating system will be able to continue using it to make backup copies, restore their device…

Apparently Apple has no plans to offer in Windows, at least for now, the three applications that iTunes has been divided into with macOS Catalina. The Apple Music application in macOS Catalina will automatically take care of importing both the songs that we have stored in iTunes and the different playlists that we have created over the years.

When you connect an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the Finder will automatically appear and will show the options that in theory would remain exclusive to iTunesif the app is still available on macOS, to back up and restore your device in the event of a problem.

It is likely that throughout the year, Apple explodes the iTunes application also in Windows as it has done now with macOS Catalina in order not to offer different applications to users who use both a PC and a Mac on a daily basis or make the change from one ecosystem to another.