iPhone with USB-C: confirmed when it will arrive

iPhone 15 Ultra
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Back to talking about the issue USB-C on iPhone. The European Union has finally given an official expiration date! By December 28, 2024, all technological devices marketed in Europe must have a USB-C port. Apple, if it wants to continue to see its iPhones in Europe will have to adapt by that date.

Apple has repeatedly expressed a great disappointment with the choice of the European Union, however, will not be able to do anything but obey. The choice of the EU, of course, does not concern only Apple products, but also those of other companies. The only ones excluded are technological products based exclusively on wireless charging (Apple Watch type). So what will be the first iPhone with USB-C port?

USB-C on iPhone? Maybe we’ll have to wait until the 16th

Whereas the EU has set the deadline at 28 December 2024 and considering that the next iPhones 15 will be released in September 2023, Apple may decide not to mount the USB-C port on these models. In fact, rumors say that the company could wait until 16 to take the plunge. In fact, there is also a third possibility that sees the arrival of completely portless iPhones. In fact, there are those who think that Apple is experimenting with an enhanced version of MagSafe charging to bring into the field, by the end of 2024, iPhone completely without ports!

The gist of it all is that, unlike what was thought until a few days ago, it is no longer a certainty that the iPhone 15s will have a USB-C port. We could see the much loved Lightning for another year before his final passing. How will it end? Stay tuned for all the updates about it.

Ph. credit: apple.com