iPhone portrait deformation?Say goodbye to deformed faces with focus segments

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Each series of iPhone14 has added some new functions in terms of video this year, I believe everyone is eager to try it~

In particular, the iPhone14 Pro series has 4 focal lengths to meet everyone’s shooting needs in different scenes. However, many friends said that taking portraits with an iPhone is not very ideal, and people will be deformed if they are not careful.

In fact, it is because we use the wrong focal length when taking pictures. When taking portraits, each focal length is applicable to different scenes or scenes. Therefore, we have to take portraits according to the characteristics of each focal length in order to take normal and eye-catching photos.

Today, let’s take the iPhone 14 Pro as an example to learn how to use the focal length to take portraits correctly!

1,0.5x and 1x focal lengths

Both the 0.5x lens and the 1x lens (main camera) in the iPhone14 series are wide-angle lenses, except that the 0.5x lens is an ultra-wide-angle lens.

And when we use these two focal lengths of the mobile phone to take pictures at close range, whether it is a selfie or someone else, you will find that it is “very ugly”. Because the wide-angle lens will produce a great perspective effect, that is, the near is bigger and the far is smaller.

23mm focal length shooting

14mm focal length shooting

Therefore, when we put the phone close to the face, the perspective effect is more obvious. The nose nearer becomes larger, while the face farther from the camera appears to be receded, and the ears further away almost disappear.

Obviously, this exaggerated large perspective is not suitable for close-up portraits and close-up portraits. On the contrary, if it is an exaggerated and ostentatious portrait, it is very suitable for shooting with a wide-angle lens.

However, we need to grasp the distance and position between the camera position and the characters to avoid deformation of the faces. Let people’s faces stay away from the camera and at the same time be in the center of the picture, the size of the face is smaller than the middle grid of the Jiugong grid.

The wide-angle lenses of these two focal lengths are not only used to shoot exaggerated portraits, but we can also use 0.5 times super wide-angle to take long-range portraits. Elongated to look tall and thin.

Compared with the 0.5x ultra-wide-angle lens of 18mm, the perspective effect of the 1x (main camera) lens of 23mm will be weaker, so it is easier to control the full-body photo of the panorama than the ultra-wide-angle lens.

But because it is still a wide-angle perspective, when using the main camera to take a full-body photo, the character should still be slightly farther away from the camera, while keeping it in the center of the screen, so that the face is not afraid of deformation~

2,2x focal length

The 2x focal length lens of the iPhone14 Pro series is finally back. Its focal length is 48mm, which is close to the standard lens of 50mm.

The so-called standard lens is a lens that is close to the perspective relationship of the human eye. The perspective relationship between the photos taken with the standard lens and the picture seen by our eyes is basically the same, which is a normal perspective relationship.

Therefore, the 2x focal length is more suitable for taking half-length portraits or close-up photos. Even if the face is close to the lens, there will be no distortion, which is very friendly.

Many times, we will avoid the crowd by shooting upwards or downwards to make the background more simple and beautiful. And when the upward shot and the high-angle shot meet the wide-angle lens, it is simply a “death scene”, and the body proportions of the characters will be surprisingly strange.

However, a lens with a 2x focal length can help us solve such problems, so that the pictures taken from above and below have a normal perspective relationship without distortion.

3.3x focal length

In the iPhone14 series, the focal length of the 3x telephoto lens is 77mm, and it and the 2x focal length are the golden focal lengths for portrait photography. In fact, from the perspective of imaging alone, the difference between 2x and 3x focal length shooting is not very big, and they are both very good-looking.

But if we encounter a cluttered surrounding environment, we can choose to shoot with a 3x focal length. Because the longer the focal length, the more compact the picture will be, and the less space environment will be brought in, so the background of the photo will be more concise.

2x focal length

3x focal length

We can also use the 3x focal length to take close-up shots of people and close-ups of facial features, which is a super production~

However, since the 3x focal length requires the photographer to stand farther away from the subject to shoot, if we use 3x to shoot in a narrow space, it will be limited in many cases. Therefore, the 3x focal length lens is more suitable for outdoor portraits.

4.portrait mode

Switching to portrait mode, we can find that there are still 1x, 2x, and 3x focal lengths. You may be confused about the difference between them and the normal mode.

For the same focal length in different modes, the applicable scenes or scene types are actually the same. The difference is that the portrait mode can adjust the aperture. If we want to highlight the characters with a blurred background, then shooting in portrait mode is the best choice.


Under the front lens, the focal lengths of the normal camera mode are 23mm and 30mm respectively, and the focal length of the portrait mode is also 30mm, both of which are wide-angle lenses.

If you usually take selfies, it is recommended that you use the 30mm focal length to take pictures. Because the perspective of the picture taken with the 30mm focal length is relatively small, as long as the face is centered as much as possible when taking a selfie, it will look normal.

When we take a selfie with others, we may habitually hold the selfie, and then the face is close to the edge accidentally, resulting in distortion due to perspective.

Therefore, when taking selfies together, you must pay attention to keeping the faces in the middle as much as possible to avoid distortion.

We can also place the mobile phone on a tripod or find something to lean against, and then take a selfie a little away from the camera, so that the selfie looks better~

Finally, let’s briefly summarize the scenes applicable to different focal lengths and different modes when shooting portraits.

0.5x focal length:Exaggerated portrait, distant portrait (face centered)

1x focal length:Exaggerated portraits, panoramic full body shots

2x focal length:Half-length photos, close-up photos, upward shots, overhead shots

3x focal length:Half-length photos, close-up photos, close-ups of facial features

Portrait mode:Portrait with blurred background

Selfie mode:Use the 30mm focal length to take selfies, and try to center the face

Alright~ As for which portrait photos are suitable for taking various focal lengths of the iPhone 14 series, I believe everyone has already understood today, and it will be more handy to take portraits with the iPhone in your hand in the future. Use the focus segment to say goodbye to ugly photos!

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