iPhone 15 Ultra: the super price of the device revealed

iPhone 15 camera
iPhone 15 Ultra

Back to talking about iPhone 15 Ultra and its possible cost. Just in the last few hours, information has leaked online that seems to confirm the exorbitant price of the device. To drop the bomb, the leaker LeaksAppleProcommunicating that the price of the new Ultra iPhones will be around $200 higher than the current iPhone 14 Pro Max. In Italy, therefore, how much will it cost? Hold fast!

If the predictions of the well-known leaker were to be true, iPhone 15 Ultra will cost more than in our country 1700 euros for the basic model. Well yes, the device will be positioned in the range of super expensive smartphones. On the other hand, however, it will offer truly exclusive features. Let’s find out some of them.

iPhone 15 Ultra: because it will cost a lot

1700 euros for the basic model might seem like a lot, but in reality it won’t be (maybe). The new iPhone 15 Ultra will be a device with premium features never seen before on iPhones. For example, there is talk of a titanium body, a professional camera system, the arrival of the USB-C port and more! The basic model will not start like the Pros from “only” 128 GB, but will start directly from 256GB. All of this, in part, will justify the exorbitant price.

Recall that the iPhone 15 Ultra will be offered as a replacement for the 15 Pro Max, therefore, it will have the same aesthetic characteristics (6.7-inch display), but with an extra pinch of premium. The device will be joined by three other “cheaper” iPhones: 15, 15 Plus and 15 Pro. All are expected in Fall 2023. Stay tuned for all updates on that.

Ph. credit: apple.com