iPad Mini 5 Launched – Better Performance at a Lower Price

iPad Mini 5

After the maintenance of the Apple Store, Apple, as always, launched a new device, the new product this spring: the new iPad Air and the fifth-generation iPad mini.

The two new products released this time did not hold a press conference but were released in a simple press release. You can now see the introduction of these two new products by entering Apple’s official website.

The current Apple tablet models are:

High-end iPad Pro 11 and 12.9-inch models

iPad Air 10.5-inch (middle-to-high-end)

Entry-level: iPad (without any codename) 
iPad mini is portable.

As early as a few months ago, there was news that the iPad mini would be resurrected. This time, the iPad mini 5 has been released, and it looks the same as the previous models. That is, there is no change in appearance.

Although the new iPad mini has not changed its appearance, it is precisely the same as the previous generation and previous generations, but there are huge changes inside.

iPad Mini 5 Launched – Better Performance at a Lower Price

Now the iPad mini 5 is equipped with the same A12 processor as the iPhone XS, and its performance has soared! Compared to the previous generation iPad mini4, performance has increased fourfold, and there is no stuttering or trying situation.

The iPad mini5 not only has a substantial upgrade to the CPU but also has the same original colour display as the iPad Pro, and the pixel density of the iPad mini5 is higher. Generally, the pixel density of the iPad is 264ppi, while the iPad mini5 has 326ppi, so the iPad mini5 screen can appear more comfortable and delicate.

The iPad mini 5 now also supports the Apple Pencil stylus and has the ultra-thin and compact body of the iPad mini. With the Apple Pencil, you can record and modify more easily.

The price of the iPad mini 5 is not expensive, even cheaper than the old model. This is the cheapest A12 device you can buy.

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