iOS 16 hides an Easter egg that many did not see: the wallpaper of Steve Jobs himself

The ‘easter eggs’ or easter egg are one of those usual features hidden in the ins and outs of the system, like those little balloons on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Apple Store. The jump from iOS 15 to iOS 16 is representing a radical change in the management of security and the protection of private data, for example. But Apple has also known how to pepper each new version with little winks like the one that comes next.

Apple settles a debt with the iPhone

iPhone users always miss a small detail. During the presentation of the first iPhone at Macworld San Francisco in 2007, Steve Jobs slid the bar to unlock the terminal and showed everyone the iPhone screen accompanied by the two clownfish sailing. The iconic image became an unfulfilled wish: iPhoneOS 1 never came with this wallpaper. Until now.

Iphone Clownfish Wallpaper

We already discussed it last summer, when the third beta of iOS 16 revealed the cake. In the third beta of iOS 16, the restless eyes of some users were met with a surprise: the carousel of wallpapers attached the charismatic orange clownfish sailing among corals. The same one that could be seen in the original iPhone that Steve Jobs announced. This has been Apple’s way of removing the thorn, including it surreptitiously among his vault of available wallpapers.

The scene, which is powerfully reminiscent of Pixar’s ‘Finding Nemo’, is now available to any user who wants to download it. If you select it as the lock background you will see that some pieces of coral are superimposed on the numbers of the clock. A loving tribute, loaded with nostalgiawhich takes us back to that afternoon where Jobs changed the world.

How to install the mythical clownfish background in iOS 16

If you would like to know how said wallpaper looks on your iPhone, the steps to follow are very simple.


  • You can go either to the ‘Settings‘ from the system and then tap on ‘Wallpaper‘ or simply hold your finger on the iOS 16 lock screen until the options menu is displayed.
  • Once opened you will be able to choose a new wallpaper. You must go down to the section called ‘collections‘.
  • Within this section you will have to choose the wallpaper called ‘Clownfish‘.
  • And that’s it, all you have to do is edit it, being able to add other widgets to the screen, being able to modify the sizes and behavior of said background.