If your iPhone battery drains too fast, check this setting and you will notice the difference

The arrival of iOS 16 has brought many new features to our iPhone (and even more if we count the news that comes in updates like iOS 16.3), but some of them have led to a more accelerated consumption of the battery. It also depends on the model and age of our iPhone, but it is not difficult to notice.

Looking at the comments that predominate on social networks, there is a feature that has attracted the most attention that may be responsible for ending up with less battery than normal on your iPhone. Let’s see how to disable it.

How to disable the haptic keyboard in iOS 16

The iPhone’s haptic keyboard can help us type with fewer typos, as it uses tactile feedback to tell us whether or not we’ve properly pressed a key. But Apple has already warned you: the price to pay is a higher consumption of the battery.

If you decide to deactivate it, just go to Settings from your iPhone and access ‘Sounds and vibrations’:

haptic keyboard ios 16 iphone apple

Then access ‘Keyboard response’:

ios 16 response keyboard vibration

Finally deactivate the ‘Vibration’ option that you will find:

response keyboard vibration ios 16 iphone apple

The option will remain available for you to reactivate whenever you want. This change may be more noticeable if your iPhone is already a few years old.and I don’t have if you have something modern like an iPhone 13 or an iPhone 14.

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In any case, the good news is that Apple allows the user to decide whether or not to keep this option activated. Please note that if you are using iOS 15 or earlier, the haptic keyboard vibration will not be present.