If the internet of our iPhone fails, it is not Apple’s fault: the operators are suffering cuts

We are not used to our iPhone’s internet failing, but the truth is that it is not something so out of the ordinary either. when it happens it is too common that we go to blame Apple or to the latest operating system update, but this is not always the case.

As they tell us in Xataka, there have been significant falls in the main operators since 9:00 this morning. A failure originating in the Orange network has spread to the rest of the operators and, although it now seems that they have found a solution, the services may still take a while to stabilize.

A general fall that has nothing to do with Apple

The error is focused on the southern Mediterranean coast and on the Orange network, but other operators such as Vodafone, Movistar or MásMóvil have also been affected. The main errors have been inability to make or receive calls, also over the internet or send messages in apps like Telegram, Messages or WhatsApp.

At a time when all operators, services and companies are more interconnected than ever, a failure somewhere in your networks can have a cascading effect. Orange affirms that the incident has been unrelated and that it has already been resolved, while Vodafone acknowledges that there has been a massive cut in the trunk fiber.

In this situation there is little we can do. While We await the full restoration of servicesthe only thing that is in our hands is to try to send the message or start the call after a few minutes.

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A situation that reminds us How many times does Apple have little or nothing to do with the operation of a service?. From third-party applications to connectivity, in this case, the Cupertino company’s responsibilities for the proper functioning of our iPhones do not cover all scenarios.