How to fix an Apple Watch that stays stuck showing the Apple apple

apple watch locked

This is the first time this has happened to me, but we’ve already seen a lot of Apple Watch cases locked showing the apple indefinitely.

As it has happened to me and I have solved it without resorting to Apple’s solution -take it to a technical support service-, I would like to share with you the solution.

the first thing is patience

Many times it is more our own perception of time that is the problem. The Apple Watch, especially the first generation, can take a long time to update and appear to be stuck.

In my case, the apple appeared when installing the latest update. I left it connected to its base overnight to see if it was just a matter of time. But dawn came and it was still the same, so I assumed it wasn’t my lack of patience.

The second thing is to force restart

I would not try this remedy without making sure of the first point, because a forced reboot while updating could make things worse.

To do a forced restart we must hold down both Apple Watch buttons (crown and button) for at least 10 seconds. But really, we need to wait until the screen goes black (apple disappears) and reappears. So we release the buttons.

The third thing is to empty the battery

Again, patience. If after force reboot (you can try it several times if you want), it doesn’t show anything but the apple, we must leave it on the table and let it download.

Warning: I have not seen this anywhere, but it has worked for me like this, and I will tell you that. People are very sensitive about battery care these days, and while it’s okay to do it once, completely discharging a lithium battery is not advisable. At least that’s what they say.

There will come a time when forcing the restart does not restart (something strange, because, as its name indicates, it is forced). Instead, will show the snake that indicates that you must put the Apple Watch to charge. Pay attention to him, put it to charge and go to the fourth step.

The fourth thing is to look for your Apple Watch

Go to the Find My iPhone app (now called just Find) on your iPhone and select the Apple Watch. Of course, it will tell you that it is not found. Press “Notify when found” and “Play sound”.

And now, again, patience. When the Apple Watch turns on (you will see how this time if it turns on correctly), it will play the sound and, in addition, it will notify the iPhone that it has been found.

Make sure the iPhone is near the Apple Watch for Apple Watch to have an Internet connection.

The last thing is to go to Apple technical support

If all else fails, the fifth step is to go to Apple technical support. My Apple Watch is over two years old (and I have lost the ticket), so the warranty would not cover it under any circumstances. Of course, if you have it under warranty, this fifth step would be the first thing to do. Has it been solved for you too?