Yesterday we explained how to remove space from the Mail application so that the storage of our iDevice was larger, it was a very simple process, we deleted the account (and thus the cache) and then added the account again to be able to receive the email . Today we change the subject and we go to iCloud, Apple’s cloud, which has a free storage space limited to 5 gigabytes. To free up iCloud space, we can delete files and data that we don’t use to be able to put other files in the Big Apple cloud. After the jump we explain how.

Deleting iCloud files and data to free up space

As I was telling you, the goal of this tutorial was to free up iCloud space. To do this, we will delete files and data that we do not use in the following way:

  • Enter the iOS Settings
  • Click on “iCloud”, where we will have all the Apple cloud Settings
  • Within that menu we press on “Storage and copies”
  • Click on “Manage Storage”
  • Once inside this menu, we will click on “Documents and Data” and click on the application with which we want to delete files and data
  • At the top, click on “Edit” and then slide to the right to delete a file that we do not want to use
  • If we go down to the bottom we can see a button: “Delete all”, if we click on this button, We can delete all the files and data that have to do with the application and take up space in Apple’s cloud, iCloud.

With this, what we do is delete files that we do not use within each application, which took up space in iCloud. The more files/data we delete from the apps, the more space we will have in iCloud if they upload files to the Apple cloud.