How to connect MacBook Pro to a Monitor Using VGA

To connect MacBook Pro to a Monitor is very simple. In the video we used VGA Connection (depending upon your monitor’s input connection).
The resolution setting was Automatic.

Accessories used



Supports digital video resolutions up to 1920×1200@60 Hz
Compact, lightweight adapter cable fits in any laptop bag
No external power needed

MX VGA cable

MX HDDB 15 pin male to HDDB 15 pin male plug VGA cord is a cable for transmitting high quality video signals. Gain maximum flexibility positioning your monitor with MX Premium Shielded VGA Cables. MX VGA cables are designed to hold the signal up over greater distances without the need for your boosting or recording. MX constructed of premium grade shielded UI2919 certified video cable which uses a combination of coax & twisted pair to accommodate cable runs up to 100 ft away without any of the typical distortion problems associated with extended length cabling runs it has RGBHV cables technology.

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