How much does it cost to repair the iPhone or iPad screen at Apple?

broken screen

Throughout the past week we have talked a lot about error 53, caused when repairing the screen and/or the home button of our iPhone 6 or 6 Plus in an unauthorized service and that caused the device to be completely blocked and unusable, with no solution available. for now. The use of these unofficial services has increased a lot in recent times due to its greater accessibility for those of us who do not have an Apple Store nearby, since the prices are supposedly much lower than at Apple. But is it true that the prices are so low compared to the official ones? Does it offset the risk of having a device tampered with, completely losing the warranty and using materials of dubious quality? Let’s see what Apple charges for the different repairs of its devices.

iPhone repairs at Apple


This image contains the official prices of as of February 14, 2016. Changing the screen of your iPhone 5, 5c and 5s costs €147.10, which is much higher than the €70 that an unofficial service asked me for the screen of my iPhone 5. It is twice as much but I can assure you that I am not at all satisfied with the screen that was placed on me, which you can see the backlight LEDs at the top, nor with the final result, with the screen poorly fitted and with no possibility of from solution. My complaints to the unofficial technical service that I took it to were useless and I was left with a poorly repaired iPhone 5. On some websites I have seen prices of up to €120 for the repair.

In more modern devices the prices are surprisingly lower, so the iPhone 6 costs €127.10, and the 6 Plus equals the €147.10 of the old iPhone 5. The price that they gave me in the same technical service for the screen of a iPhone 6 was €120 (non-original screen, only “compatible” as the technician told me). Browsing through different websites that repair iPhones, I have verified more or less the same prices. On some websites that promise to use only original components, the price goes up to €180. I have not found repair prices for the new screens of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. It is important to note that Apple prices include €12 shipping costs and VAT.

The change of battery in Apple is €79 whatever the device, to which you would have to add €12 if you have to send it. Changing the battery of my iPhone 5 cost me €40 in an unauthorized service, and after three months I barely managed to get it to reach noon with normal use. On the websites that I have consulted, the price is usually around €60.

iPad repairs at Apple


iPad repairs are included in a single possibility within the technical service. The price varies depending on the device, ranging from €201.10 for the iPad Mini and Mini 2 to €671.10 for the iPad Pro. They include €12 of shipping costs and VAT. It is possible that by contacting Apple directly and explaining the case you will get other prices depending on the damage caused. Be that as it may, the prices in this case are quite high, especially if we take into account that in many iPad models changing the glass is enough for everything to return to normal, without having to change the LCD panel.

The change of the battery has a single price of €99 to which €12 must be added if shipping is necessary. It is not easy to find unofficial technical services that change the battery of the Apple tablet, at least I have not found them, so I cannot compare their prices.

Is it worth taking a risk?

In the case of the iPhone, the answer is clear: No.. The guarantee that the repair gives you within the Apple technical service, the price and the undoubted originality of the accessories are more than enough reason to choose Apple instead of other unauthorized services. In the case of the iPad, things are not so clear because Apple does not differentiate between minor damage and major damage, using a single rate for any repair.