Foxconn’s most “trench” Spring Festival: The maximum bonus for staying behind is 13,000 yuan, and it has begun planning the production site for Apple’s iPhone 15 series

IT Home News on January 23, according to Times Finance, this year is the largest bonus for Foxconn staying behind in so many years, and many employees have chosen to return to the factory to work overtime to earn money.

According to reports, employees of the iPEBG business group can receive a subsidy of 10,000 yuan if they work no less than 23 days in January, while workers of the Zhengzhou Foxconn iDPBG business group can receive a subsidy of 13,000 yuan in January.

One interviewee said, “There is no one in the office (now), and everyone supports the production line… to work on the production line, there is only a subsidy of 10,000 yuan, and everyone has to go to the workshop to earn this 10,000 yuan money”, and even “this Spring Festival, (iPEBG business group) basically 85% will stay in the factory”. In her memory, the maximum subsidy for staying in the factory during the Spring Festival in previous years was four to five thousand yuan.

The report pointed out that Zhengzhou Foxconn’s January incentive policy has strict regulations on attendance. If there are leave/absenteeism/late arrival and early departure for more than 30 minutes on the day, they will not be counted in the cumulative attendance days, and the regular workers’ attendance days are less than 23 days, and the number of days is 15 or more. The grant will be only $5,000.

In addition to producing at full capacity, Foxconn is also planning a site for the iPhone 15 series. IT Home has learned that Zhengzhou Foxconn currently produces iPhone 14 series models. The interviewees said that after the Spring Festival, the factory will produce new mobile phones, and the early stage is in the experimental stage.

“Our big boss is already planning the production site of the iPhone 15 series. We have held several meetings. After the Chinese New Year, the old production machines will be pulled away and the new ones will be shipped over.”