Finally Apple Pay will arrive in Mexico throughout 2021

Apple Pay Mexico will arrive in 2021

Apple Pay is the payment service from the Big Apple that first came to light in 2014. Six years later, the service is not available in many countries. However, the deployment is gradual and the conversations between Apple and the different major banks in each country continue to flow to achieve the maximum possible expansion of the service. A few weeks ago it was speculated the arrival of Apple Pay in Mexico at the end of December due to the creation of the official Apple Pay website on its website. However, Apple has updated its Mexico website ensuring that Apple Pay will be “Available in 2021”.

Mexico will receive the Apple Pay service throughout 2021

Apple Pay is very easy to use and works with the Apple devices you always carry with you. You can make secure, contactless purchases in stores, apps, and websites. Apple Pay is more convenient than using a card. And also safer.

The Apple Pay service is used by more than 500 million iPhones Worldwide. Adding a card to your devices is becoming easier. In addition, the expansion of the service in each country is gradual, managing to add new banks that make their systems compatible to be able to adhere to payment through Apple devices, even when the service is already established in a country. It is a constantly advancing platform for users.

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However, while Spain has had Apple Pay for several years, there are some countries like Mexico that still do not enjoy the service in their territory. A few weeks ago, the service website was added to the official Mexican website. Many media echoed the news and predicted the arrival of the platform at the end of the year. The surprise comes when Apple has updated its website in Mexico making sure your movements are not misinterpreted:

Available in 2021.

Although there is not much information on the official website, we do know that users in Mexico will be able to use Apple Pay with their VISA, Mastercard and American Express cards. What is clear is that Apple is holding talks with the most important banks in the Latin American country to become the second Latin American country to receive Apple Pay with the maximum possible guarantees and compatibilities.

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