Choose Wisely – M2 Pro MacBook Pro 14 inch Review 2023

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The latest version of my all-time favourite MacBook Pro!

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Today we’re looking at the new M2 Pro MacBook Pro 14”, the latest version of last year’s M1 Pro MacBook Pro, a Mac which I called the best Mac of all time. The new M2 Pro features the same stunning and functional design with a range of ports and excellent cooling, and that best in class 120hz ProMotion display, while adding the even more powerful M2 Pro chip, and also brings even longer battery life and other refinements. If you are thinking of buying the new M2 Pro you’ve come to the right place, in this video I will cover everything you need to know including looking at how it compares to last year’s M1 Pro! My spec: M2 Pro MacBook Pro 14”, M2 Pro, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, $1999 / £2149. Upgrade SSD to 2TB, $600 / £600. Silver, hold up better, less chance of colour fade compared to space grey. Lasts year M1 Pro, brought major re-design, same design here in M2 Pro. Slightly thicker design, better cooling and fans are whisper quiet. Design creates room for more ports: HDMI 2.1, SD card, headphone, 3x versatile USB-C thunderbolt and MagSafe. To me laptop is a tool and this design is built with functionality first, not thinness like older Macs. The M2 Pro now also adds Wifi 6E support. Keyboard and trackpad are best in class. Display: Liquid Retina Pro XDR display. 120hz refresh rate – super smooth (14 to 14 Pro). Bright, high contrast and colour accuracy – perfect for graphic design, video/photo editing. Biggest upgrade M2 Pro gets is M2 Pro chip. 2 more CPU cores, 2 more GPU cores. How does this compare to M1 Pro? Geekbench 5 (10%). Startup and login (20%). Lightroom Export 100 photos (8%). FCP Export 15 min 4K video (18%). Giving around a 15-20% improvement in performance overall compared to M1 Pro. Not enough reason to upgrade from M1 Pro to M2 Pro, but performance difference is not insignificant. M2 Pro battery lasts me all-day (9-11 hrs), max brightness, 10+ apps open. Speakers, webcam and mics are all great too. Apple is known for longevity, iPhone, iPads, Macs. M2 Pro MacBook Pro 14” easily last 5-7 years in terms of software support (1-2 years more than M1 Pro). M2 MacBook Pro 14” is for those who want maximum portability and performance. M2 Pro delivers in all key areas, high quality design, incredible display, long battery life and amazing performance! However, last years M1 Pro shares much of the same qualities. If you want 90% of the features and functionality of the M2 Pro and find a good deal on the M1 Pro, say $2-300 off, this is a good opportunity to save some cash. If you want what I believe to be the most complete and well-rounded laptop out right now, go for M2 Pro MacBook Pro 14”!

✏️ Video Chapters
00:00 My Spec
02:38 Design
06:08 Keyboard and Trackpad
06:44 Display
09:06 Performance
10:34 M2 Pro vs M1 Pro
12:08 Battery Life
12:29 Webcam, Mic, Speakers
12:47 Longevity and Repairability
14:49 Is the M2 Pro Worth It?

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Thank you for watching, let me know if you have any questions, take care.

Dion Schuddeboom

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