Apple’s tvOS 16.3 official version unlocks Apple TV 4K’s eARC function, paired with up to two HomePods

Thanks to IT Home netizen Meizizi_ for the clue delivery!

IT House reported on January 28 that in January this year, Apple released the official version of tvOS 16.3, which can be used for Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD.

The tvOS 16.3 update is available as an OTA download through the Settings app on Apple TV by going to System > Software Update. Apple TV users who have turned on automatic software updates will be automatically upgraded to tvOS 16.3.

According to feedback from netizens, Apple tvOS 16.3 has unlocked the eARC function. Apple Apple TV 4K has built-in eARC support.Pairs with up to two HomePod speakersenjoy home theater audio on all devices connected to your TV.

According to reports, eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) is an upgraded version of ARC (Audio Return Channel). It was introduced in 2017 as part of the HDMI 2.1 specification.

eARC is built on top of ARC. ARC greatly simplifies TV and home theater setup by enabling the TV to send audio to a sound bar or AVR over a single HDMI cable.eARC also allows the TV to send audio generated by built-in streaming apps, cable, satellite, and other source devices (such as a game console or Blu-ray player) to a soundbar or AVR using a single HDMI cable. eARC supports much greater bandwidth and speed than ARC, so high-quality, uncompressed audio can be transmitted.

IT Home learned that eARC supports a bandwidth of 37Mb/s and can transmit up to 32 channels of audio, including eight 192 kHz channels and 24-bit uncompressed audio. DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS:X, Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Atmos formats are also supported. In contrast, ARC only supports up to six channels of compressed audio with a maximum bandwidth of 1Mb/s.