Apple will focus on Windows to launch new applications

iTunes for Windows

Apple is looking for software engineers to create apps for windowsAt least that is what can be deduced from the different job offers that the company has published on its website, inviting them to join forces to create a new generation of media applications for Windows.

Today, Apple offers both iTunes and iCloud for Windows users, applications that they keep the same design from a few years ago and that they already need a renewal, especially now that, finally, and after many years of demands from users, it has been separated into different applications.

With macOS Catalina, iTunes has completely disappeared. Instead, we find the applications Podcast, TV and Music. None of these applications is currently available independently for Windows, with iTunes being the only way to access all of this from a PC.

Apple TV+ subscribers using Windows have no choice but to choose to use the service via the web that they offer us from Cupertino, due to the lack of dedicated applications for both services. Fortunately, Apple Music is available from iTunes.

The different job offers that Apple shows show how having experience with UWP is a very important point. UWP stands for Universal Windows Platform. Translated into Spanish. Apple is not only interested in offering its applications on Windows 10 for computers, but also wants to offer the possibility for Xbox users to access Apple TV+ and Apple Music.

If we take into account that the offers were published a few days ago and that Apple usually takes this kind of thing very calmlyit is likely that until well into 2020, at the earliest, we will not have the first news related to the Apple applications for Mac that we already have at our disposal in macOS.