Apple Watch Ultra (Long Term) Review – I WAS WRONG!…(5 Months Later)

The Apple Watch Ultra has been strapped to my wrist for nearly 5 months now. I had no intention of buying the Apple Watch Ultra, but eventually I caned and ended up catching a case of FOMO. This is my long term review on the Apple Watch Ultra, is the 49 mm crystal sapphire display, the better battery life and enhanced microphones worth the hefty price tag? Or was purchasing the Apple Watch Ultra an expensive mistake? Find out in this video!

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0:00 – Intro
1:03 – Hefty Price Tag
1:48 – Premium Design and Feel
2:30 – Weight & Size Thoughts
3:10 – Incredible Sapphire Crystal Display
3:51 – Durability
4:34 – Digital Crown Concerns
5:32 – Action Button Usefulness
6:08 – Speaker Quality
6:35 – Mic and Speaker Test
7:23 – Battery Life Upgrade
8:33 – Functionality and Features
8:57 – Crash Detection
9:22 – Amazon Apple Watch Ultra Bands
9:42 – Conclusion

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