Apple Watch Ultra 2: In 2025, but it will be (even) more expensive

The Apple Watch Ultra is the best watch that the North American giant has ever launched on the market, in fact, this is most likely the best smart watch that the mobile world has ever seen.

However, it is also an incredibly expensive watch, which is why it is not within reach of traditional consumers in this market. What will Apple do with the next version of its ‘Ultra’ watch? Will increase the price, of course!

Apple Watch Ultra 2: Only in 2025, but it will be (even) more expensive

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Therefore, it seems that we will not have a new version of the Apple Watch Ultra in 2023, nor in 2024. The sequel to the super premium watch will only hit the market in 2025, with several innovations in the field of design, and apparently also in the technical specifications. All little things that will end up making the product more expensive.

That is, Apple has no plans to make this watch an annual product, and therefore banal. The idea is to create a different, more exclusive product range, almost at the level of super premium mechanical watches.

A strange strategy, because in the ‘smart’ world, every year we have interesting news, which are almost always implemented by manufacturers. After all, the tech world is almost a game of “cat vs mouse”, in which consumers (almost) always want to have access to the latest technologies.

Having said all this, it seems that the Apple Watch Ultra 2 will be a reality in 2025, with a microLED screen instead of OLED. An even more robust body, based on more premium materials, and of course, a renewed design.

What is a higher price? In Portugal, the Apple Watch Ultra already exceeds €1000 (€1009). Even so, Apple seems to be considering an increase of ~200€, depending on the final cost of implementing the new LG production microLED screens.

Also, what do you think about all this? Does it make sense to see a smartwatch trying to enter a more exclusive market, normally reserved for mechanical watches? Share your opinion with us in the comments box below.