Apple still forced by the EU: new app stores on the iPhone

The ecosystem of Apple it has always been particularly closed and the European Union has never liked this. The latter has worked hard to try to change things and has gradually succeeded. A new piece of this step is now being added with one very important change. In fact, the US company is considering allowing it new App Stores on iPhone and iPad.

Currently, if you want to download applications immediately on your iPhone, you can do nothing but go through the official App Store. This is great news for users, but especially for developers as I can avoid also pay up to 30% of profits directly to Apple. For its part, however, it will be a big problem.

Apple has an immense work ahead of it

Apple, in order to allow this step to third-party developers, will have to open i framework and the APIs to the aforementioned. This means going to change part of your software that has been put together with a certain goal. Such a job, according to internal sources, will force the developers of the giant to focus on this rather than on the new features planned for the next iOS update.

Apple cannot afford not to comply with the new European Union regulation as the fine in this regard can reach 20% of global revenue of the company. In figures we are talking about almost 80 billion dollars, a figure that cannot be ignored. The EU has set the deadline on March 6, 2024, but the company has decided to anticipate the times, also given the difficulty in succeeding.