Apple removes the 3.5mm headphone jack from its new iPads

Apple iPad 10 generation

Yesterday was another great day for Apple. Through a press release, it presented its new range of iPads as well as the new Apple TV. It is something that had been rumored for a few weeks now and, finally, it happened. Among the novelties we find the new generation of standard iPad, the new generation of iPad Pro and a new keyboard called Magic Keyboard Folio. One of the novelties of the new generation of iPad is the complete removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack that accompanied the product from its inception. With this, Apple culminates the transition to the definitive suppression of this connector on its tablets.

iPads say goodbye to 3.5mm headphones

The 3.5mm headphone connector is the well-known ‘3.5 jack’. It’s been in a lot of Apple products up until a while ago with the integration of their Lightning connector. We are seeing a clear drift towards the disappearance of this last connector to include USB-C. However, what concerns us today is the complete removal of all remaining 3.5mm headphone jacks with the arrival of the new generation.

It is the case of iPad 10th generation. This is the standard model Apple has redesigned making it closer to the design of the other models: the iPad Air and the iPad Pro. Thanks to this, this design covers all current models except the 9th generation of the standard model that is still on the market and has the previous design.

iPad 10 all colors

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The novelty of this new 10th generation is the removing the 3.5mm headphone jack. Until now, the standard model had always carried this connector. This is good news because it puts an end to the cable helmets with this connector to make way for wireless headphones or headphones with a USB-C connector. In case we have 3.5mm headphones we will have to buy a USB-C adapter to use them.

Therefore, Apple sells all its models without a headphone jack except the 9th generation the standard model. The next thing, and a little further from this topic, is that the big apple will suppress all the Lightning connectors of its products, especially the iPhone, to comply with European regulations and, above all, to finalize the homogenization of the chargers.