Apple Pay Mexico

Apple Pay has been with us for seven years. Since its introduction in 2014, dozens of countries have been acquiring the service and dozens of banks and stores have integrated the platform into their cards and payments. However, users in many other countries still do not have the platform and cannot use their cards on Apple devices. Yesterday Apple Pay landed in Mexico, one of the most important countries in Latin America in which until a few days ago the service was not available. The arrival is through three banks: American Express, Banorte and Citibanamex.

Mexico finally receives the arrival of Apple Pay

In December, Apple assured the media that Apple Pay would arrive in Mexico in the coming months. A few months later it’s official: Apple Pay is already available in Mexico. Thanks to this service, Mexican men and women who want to can incorporate their cards into their devices to be able to pay throughout the country, in establishments that allow it.

Apple Pay works with credit and debit cards from major payment networks, issued by various national banks. Tap the plus sign to add participating cards to Wallet and continue enjoying your benefits and rewards with maximum security.

The service comes under three banks: American Express, Banorte and Citibanmex. These last two offer Mastercard cards and are the ones that can be entered into the service. Now it is time for other banks to join the service and be able to offer greater coverage among the millions of Apple users residing in Mexico.

As for the official information, Apple has already updated its website with the compatible banks and with all the information related to Apple Pay that the user should know. We will see if in the coming months more Latin American countries join a service that billions of users use daily.