Apple iOS 16.3 lets iPhone users customize lock screens with classic wallpapers

IT House News on February 2, Apple introduced a new lock screen interface for the iPhone in the iOS 16 system, allowing users to customize widgets, fonts, wallpapers, etc. according to preferences. However, iPhone users have removed many classic iPhone wallpapers after installing the update, and even if users keep them, they cannot customize these classic wallpapers.

However, Apple made adjustments in the iOS 16.3 system, although it was not mentioned in the official update log,But iPhone users can add widgets, modify fonts, and more on classic wallpapers.

Users of previous versions of iOS 16.3 try to customize the lock screen interface on the classic wallpaper, the system will prompt that it cannot be customized and ask the user to choose a new wallpaper. The user receives the following:

Customize the current lock screen

Customizing the current lock screen will replace the current home screen wallpaper. Adding a new wallpaper keeps the current wallpaper and creates an additional one.

Unfortunately, Apple still can’t let users choose classic wallpapers in iOS 16. If the netizens of IT House delete the classic wallpaper, they cannot be added back later.