Apple internal documents leaked: only iPhone 15 Pro / Pro Max models support Wi-Fi 6E, equipped with 3nm A17 chip

IT House News on January 28th, there are many rumors that the next-generation iPhone 15 models will adopt the Wi-Fi 6E standard that Apple has already introduced in the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro, and now a leaked document seems to confirm Apple’s plan.

The document comes from researcher and whistleblower Unknownz21, and it contains a diagram of the iPhone 15’s antenna architecture. D8x refers to the iPhone 15 Pro model, and information suggests that the faster Wi-Fi 6E specification will be limited to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Standard iPhone 15 models labeled D3y will continue to use Wi-Fi 6 instead of Wi-Fi 6E. For further reference, D7x refers to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, D2y refers to the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, and the document outlines antenna design changes between the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro. Other documents also suggest that Wi-Fi 6E will be an exclusive feature of the iPhone 15 Pro.

As of now, Wi-Fi 6E has been added to some of Apple’s lineup, but only on the latest iPad Pro, Mac mini, and MacBook Pro models. Apple hasn’t previously limited the new Wi-Fi standard to the Pro iPhone, but the iPhone 15 Pro models will have several features that the iPhone 15 doesn’t have.

Wi-Fi 6E allows devices to connect to routers and modems that support the Wi-Fi 6E standard, but it’s a newer technology that’s not yet widely available. Wi-Fi 6E routers are readily available, but since they have only been rolled out in recent years, many users and businesses have yet to upgrade. In addition to the 2.4 and 5GHz frequency bands, the Wi-Fi 6E router also includes the 6GHz frequency band. To use 6GHz, a Wi-Fi 6E router and a device that supports Wi-Fi 6E are required.

Compared to Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E offers greater bandwidth, providing faster connection speeds, lower latency, and higher capacity. Wi-Fi 6E provides more than 1.2GHz of spectrum within the 6GHz band, which can support gigabit coverage throughout the home, multi-gigabit connections in venues, and have bandwidth for higher data streams for AR and VR experiences.

Since Wi-Fi 6E requires both routers and devices to support the standard, it is currently basically an empty frequency band with little traffic, which means that iPhone 15 Pro models equipped with Wi-Fi 6E will be able to connect to Wi-Fi 6E networks well , and will not face too much competition.

Unknownz21 said that the image is “just the tip of the iceberg,” and that there will be more leaks about the iPhone 15 series, including full images, in March of this year, before the iPhone 15 models are scheduled to enter EVT (Engineering Verification Test).

IT Home learned that the documents he obtained also confirmed that,iPhone 15 Pro models will feature a faster 3nm A17 chip and solid-state volume and power buttons. As previously rumored, the standard iPhone 15 model will continue to use the A16 chip and retain the existing volume buttons.

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