Apple: How to remove the “virus” from the calendar on the iPhone

Are you plagued by annoying spam notifications in the Apple Calendar app on your iPhone? Are your Calendar entries full of notifications and reminders for random events you don’t remember adding? If so, your iPhone is being calendar spammed. It’s something that is called an iPhone calendar virus but don’t worry because we’re going to tell you how to remove it.

Apple: How to remove the “virus” from the calendar on the iPhone

These spam notifications due to calendar entries can be a very annoying problem. It’s just that calendar virus can transcend iPhone and affect other Apple devices which are connected to iCloud. That said, we are going to show you how to get rid of it.

remove iphone calendar virus

How does it work?

First of all, despite being known as a virus, this so-called Calendar spam is not really a virus. It is a fake calendar account that may have been added while visiting an unreliable website. However people call it a virus because of the way it works.

They usually hide in pop-ups and emails asking you to confirm something, and once you do, you unwittingly subscribe to a spam calendar. Calendar subscriptions arrive as .ics links. That’s why we have to be very careful.

The best you can do to avoid this irritating spam is to stay away from shady websites. If you have to visit them, you should generally follow ways to avoid phishing scams, because the methods criminals use to access your smartphone’s calendar are quite similar to phishing.

The signs

The most obvious sign that your Calendar is spammed is persistent notifications. The other is suspicious events popping up. Meanwhile you can also check your subscriptions

As this spam uses Calendar subscription accounts, you can also check your subscriptions to see if there are any that you don’t remember adding.

How to end this situation

First run the calendar on your iPhone. Then click on Calendars at the bottom of the page.

remove iphone calendar virus

See if you have anything in the signed calendars section. Click on the i in front of that calendar and in the new window choose remove. However, you must also report it.

By doing this the annoying notifications should end.