Apple closes iOS 16.2 verification channel, iPhone cannot be downgraded after upgrading to iOS 16.3

News from IT House on February 1, after the official version of iOS 16.3 was released last week (January 24),Apple stops validating iOS 16.2 today, the previously available iOS version.This means that users who update to iOS 16.3Can no longer downgrade to an earlier version of iOS.

iOS 16.3 Introduced iCloud Advanced Data Protection, Apple ID Security Keyalong with other enhancements, bug fixes, and security updates for iPhone.

apple usuallyWill stop validating older versions of iOS within a few weeks of pushing an official update. For some users who have updated to the latest iOS system, when they encounter major bugs, the way of downgrading is sometimes very effective. This is why Apple waits for a while before closing the verification channel for older versions of iOS.

IT Home learned that the previously released iOS 16.2 launched the “Wu Bian Ji” app, and also added Apple Music singing, lock screen improvements, and other features and bug fixes to the iPhone.