AirDrop Tucao: Perverts use it to harass women, hackers use it to steal information

I wonder if you have used the AirDrop function of Apple mobile phones?

The Chinese name of this function is “AirDrop“. As the name suggests, it is mainly used to share files between multiple devices.

The AirDrop function is not open to non-contacts by default.However, if the user does not close the permission in time after opening the permission, he can also receive pictures or files sent by strangers.

Is this function particularly like uploading notes in class when I was a child?

Therefore, when this function was first launched, many people used it to send all kinds of wonderful pictures to “trick” strangers.

All kinds of memes have also sprung up like mushrooms:

but,AirDrop can send meme pictures, and it can also cause your personal privacy to be leaked.

Recently, foreign media revealed that the AirDrop function may be used by hackers to launch attacks and obtain information such as the phone number and email address of the owner.

Researchers at the Darmstadt University of Technology in Germany pointed out that when a user activates the AirDrop function, Apple will broadcast the user’s phone number and email address in encrypted form to its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth range to detect nearby connectable devices.

If a user is paired with another device via AirDrop, the two parties exchange fully encrypted phone and email messages.

The problem lies here:If the user turns on the AirDrop permission for strange visitors, hackers can intercept and crack the encrypted information, thereby obtaining a large amount of personal information of the user.

Researchers tested this vulnerability of AirDrop in public places and found that it takes only one millisecond to obtain other people’s phone numbers, and other information such as emails takes more time to crack, but it is not difficult to do.

Until now, Apple still has not fixed this vulnerability.

The best solution currently is to set the option of the “AirDrop” function to “Receive Off” in the system settings menu.

Of course, stealing personal information through AirDrop is a crime with a high threshold after all. There is another kind of evil, but there is almost no threshold.

That is to use AirDrop to sexually harass others.

A new type of hooligan has emerged in Japan in the past two years:AirDrop idiot.

To put it simply, the old sex embryos use the AirDrop function to send pornographic pictures to women around them in public, and then observe their reactions after seeing the pornographic pictures to satisfy their dark psychology.

Unlike WeChat, AirDrop directly displays thumbnails of pictures, which is more likely to scare women.

A captured AirDrop idiot said during police investigation: “Because I want to see the shy expressions and movements of women when they receive lewd photos“.

The Japanese police have also cracked down on this kind of behavior many times, but with little success because it is too difficult to obtain evidence. Most of these AirDrop idiots choose to commit crimes in public places. Modifying the AirDrop ID is only a finger-moving operation, and it is difficult for the police to locate the perpetrator.

IT Home learned that in addition to Japan, there are also old-fashioned embryos in Europe and the United States who use AirDrop to play hooligans.

In New York, many women reported that they were harassed through AirDrop in public, and the criminal suspects sent them a large number of Dior pictures through this function of Apple.

Because such crimes are too frequent, several New York City lawmakers jointly proposed that criminals who conduct indiscriminate sexual harassment through AirDrop will face a maximum penalty of one year in prison and a maximum fine of $1,000 (approximately RMB 6,961).

MPs said,In the past, sexual harassment offenders always had to wear long clothes and sneakers for running; now, due to the development of technology, it is much easier for them to commit crimes.

Don’t think that this kind of thing only happens abroad. According to the “Qianjiang Evening News”, Hangzhou police arrested a suspect for distributing pornographic pictures in the subway.

A woman reported to the police,I received a picture of a naked man with a business card with a QR code in the subway stationthere are some indecent text in the picture.

Hangzhou police quickly attacked and arrested the suspect. According to the suspect’s confession, he used the “AirDrop” function on the Apple mobile phone to randomly send small yellow pictures in the subway.

The man said that he thought that sending obscene pictures through the “AirDrop” function of the mobile phone would not be hunted down by the police, so he took chances.

IT Home learned that the suspect violated Article 68 of the “Public Security Management Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China” and was suspected of spreading obscene information, so he was detained for 15 days.

The legal net is restored, sparse but not leaky,If you break the law and want to slip, there is no way!

Finally, Iron Horse teaches you how to turn off Apple’s AirDrop function to avoid being harassed and leaking personal information.

justPull down the control switch interface, long press the network panel in the upper left corner, click AirDrop, select Receive to closeThat’s it.

Is Ning Xue abolished?

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