After reading WWDC21 in one article: iOS 15 is officially released and can be upgraded

News from IT House on June 8 The new crown epidemic is still raging around the world. As of June 8, 612,366 people have died in the United States, and 5,475,709 people have been diagnosed.

Therefore, this WWDC2021 Developer Conference held in the United States will still be held online.

Apple has also added many remote linkage and sharing functions to the system.

Just now, Apple released the new iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey, watchOS 8 and other systems.

If you own an iPhone 6s and subsequent models and need to experience the new system in advance, you can send the word[Apple]to upgrade with one click on the IT House WeChat official account(Tips: The new system is unstable and there may be a lot of bugs, please be sure to back up your data in advance).

The following is a list of new features of each system:

iOS 15

FaceTime Video Upgrade

In multi-person video, the sound will come from where the speaker’s screen is located.

The device will use AI calculations to cut out the subject of the portrait, blur the background, and focus on the speaker.

FaceTime chat can be shared by link, just click on the link to join the group chat, not limited to Apple devices, Android, Windows and even web pages can join, and the whole process is still end-to-end encrypted.

Listen to music together, watch a movie together, or even share someone’s screen through SharePlay in a hangout.

iMessage and Memoji

The pictures, links and other content shared in the iMessage information will appear in the “Shared with you” section of the corresponding App, so that when viewing/or replying to the message, you can directly go to the corresponding App without iMessage .

Clothing, hair color, cochlear implant and other accessories are added to the quasi-physical expression.


App icons in notifications have become larger and easier to identify.

The iPhone will aggregate the notifications into a summary and push it every day at the time you set. Also, abstracts are sorted by priority, with the most important at the top.

When you put your phone on Do Not Disturb, people who send you messages will see your status. Of course, the other party can also continue to send you messages, and you can also receive them. But it will help to establish an interpersonal boundary.

In different states, you can set to only accept notifications from certain Apps. The status will be synchronized on multiple terminals such as iPad and Mac.


The new version of the map adds 3D landmark buildings.

Integrated bus positioning and arrival reminder.

Join AR walking navigation.

However, these functions are not available in mainland China (Apple accesses Gaode Map in mainland China, and Gaode Map has all these functions).

quick search

Similar to the function of scanning Almighty King, you can extract the text and phone number in the photo, just tap the picture to extract the text, and paste it for search.

It can identify flowers, plants, animals, etc. in pictures, and give search results.

Click on the text in the picture to translate, and you can translate between 7 languages.

The address book page summarizes more information, including but not limited to phone number, email address, location, photos, shared files, etc.


Added functions such as park tickets, keys, and car keys.


New animations, new graphics, thousands of variations redesigned.

Added full screen HD weather.

Safari browser

The tabs are redesigned and added to the tab group at the same time, and the screen utilization rate becomes larger.

Plug-ins can be installed in the browser like a computer.

AirPods Enhanced

Enhanced dialogue, enhanced vocals, and reduced environmental noise.

Siri voice plays (time-sensitive) messages.

AirPods Pro and AirPods Max have added earphone loss reminders and can display the location of the loss.

AirPods Pro and AirPods Max support spatial audio, full surround sound.


Mail hiding protection, the other party cannot track the address, and cannot view the read.

IT Home noticed that the newly provided App Privacy Report can view all third-party communications contacted by the App.

Siri responds offline for faster processing.

iCloud+ Subscription Upgrade

Newly added iCloud Private Relay, this service will add a relay when you browse the web, the whole process is encrypted, no one will know what you are browsing. Pricing is the same as the previous iCloud price.

iPadOS 15

In addition to all the functions of iOS, iPadOS has also carried out the following optimizations:


There’s a new multitasking menu at the top of the screen that creates full-screen, side-swipe, split-screen views, and in some cases, a center window for working with multiple apps at the same time.

An App shelf is added at the bottom of the screen, which is convenient for quickly switching pages with a tap.

Widgets / Application Repository

Widgets Add large size widgets to display more content.

Widgets can be interspersed with app icons.

The application resource library is online.


Mac-like keyboard shortcuts are supported when an external keyboard is connected.

memo function

Swipe from the bottom right corner of the screen to the middle to call out the quick memo.

macOS Monterey

iPhone /iPad now supports mirroring to Mac.

The Mac can be seamlessly linked with the iPad, as long as the two devices are put together, the mouse of the Mac will automatically switch between the two devices without any operation during the whole process. With the mouse, files from the iPad can also be dragged and dropped to the Mac. Multi-device collaboration goes a step further.

Mac introduces shortcuts similar to iPhone.

watchOS 8

The portrait photos taken by the iPhone can be used as the dial of the Watch.

New sports modes such as Tai Chi and Pilates have been added.

At present, the developer preview versions of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey, and watchOS 8 are all online. If you need to update, you can send the word[Apple]to upgrade in the background of the IT House WeChat official account.

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