A new Apple app for Windows 10 will be released this year

iTunes for Windows

With the release of macOS Catalina, Apple removed all traces of iTunes, that all-in-one application that had become a headache for all users who were forced to use it. due to the large number of functions included although in the previous years a few functions had been removed to add new ones.

However, on Windows, users still have at their disposal the iTunes application, an application that integrates all Apple services, including the application to be able to enjoy the streaming music service of the boys from Cupertino. But that could change this year if the latest rumor published by an Italian website is true.

According to the Aggiornamenti Lumia website, Apple plans to launch a new application for Windows, an application that will be available directly through the Microsoft Store, where we can currently find the iTunes application. This publication does not detail what application it is, but it is not difficult to imagine what applications it can be: Apple Music and Apple TV +.

Last year, Apple posted a job posting looking for engineers to build the next generation of multimedia applications for Windowsa job offer where one of the fundamental requirements was to have experience in the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), in order to create a compatible application for both Windows 10 and the rest of the Windows ecosystems, which in this case would be Microsoft’s Xbox.

In this way, Apple wants easy access to Apple Music and Apple TV+ to users who use the Microsoft console as a multimedia center in their homes. iTunes arrived at the Microsoft Store in 2018, an application with which we can enjoy Apple Music, our favorite podcasts, read books… functions that have been completely independent since the launch of macOS Catalina.