94% of users with an iPhone in the United States do not use Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Apple Pay was launched on the market, initially in the United States in 2014 and little by little it has gone expanding to more countries. It is currently available in practically all European countries, however, it seems that Latin America continues to be the area that does not represent a priority for Apple to launch its payment platform.

A payment platform that in the United States has very little use despite having been on the market for 7 years. At least according to the data from the survey carried out by the PYMNTS boys. According to this report, 94% of users who have Apple Pay set up on their iPhone do not use it in regular purchases.

In the PYMNTS report we can read:

Seven years after launch, new data from PYMNTS shows that 93.9% of consumers with Apple Pay activated on their iPhones do not use it in stores to pay for purchases. That means that only 6.1% do.

The company has obtained these data from a survey of 3,671 US consumers conducted August 3-7, 2021. In 2015, the use of Apple Pay, when the platform had been on the market for a year, was 5.1%, practically the same as in 2019.

According to this same study, only 43.5% of users have devices that support Apple Pay and 70% of merchants accept this payment method, so it is not a problem of expansion and adoption by merchants, but rather a lack of interest. It’s not all bad news. PYMNTS states that of the users who make payments digitally, 45.5% use Apple Pay, ranking above PayPal, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Due to the low interest of US users in this payment method, Apple is studying the launch of Apple Pay Later, a service that allows customers pay for purchases or services in installmentsa service that we have been talking about for several months but that at the moment seems parked.