2023-02-01 | 2 recommended apps for Apple iOS with no in-app purchases and no restrictions: Ps Interactive Tutorial for Photoshop CC Collector’s Edition, View Colors

News from IT House on February 1st, Apple recommends 2 free apps for iOS/iPad: Ps Interactive Tutorial and Color Viewing.

  • Freedom has a time limit and is uncontrollable: if the price is displayed when downloading, it means that the event has ended;

  • The free download is limited to one time, and the account is owned for life: when the application is deleted, it can be downloaded for free at any time in the future;

  • Limited to free means that the download is free: the in-app purchase content of the application is not included. Of course, the in-app purchase function is sometimes set to be free.

  • Note: In order to ensure the free recommendation experience, the daily free recommendation articles in IT Home are all apps without in-app purchases.

Ps Interactive Tutorial for Photoshop CC Collector’s Editioneducate 4.7 points【These are all real evaluations of users on APPStore】. “Operate by hand and see the effect in real time, very suitable for beginners! Can’t do better! Conscience tutorial!” Pygmy_Owl. “I really never thought about how good a tutorial software can do, you deserve it” A very good tutorial software. “It’s very powerful. I’ve always wanted to learn PS software. This feels so appropriate. It doesn’t waste time. What I talk about is dry stuff. It’s awesome.” I understand slightly. “I do advertising photography, and I often need to make post-retouching, image synthesis and other effects. This app is the most interactive PS tutorial, there is no one,…iOSiPadOS¥502023-01-31 free pick up

View colorefficiency 4.4 pointsFeedback email: jchu_dlcn@icloud.com. Simple and effective RGB slider color grading. Capture your favorite color with camera/photo color picker. Record the colors you modulate or capture anytime, anywhere. Combine colors into swatches to manage and share. RGB, HEX, HSB color value conversion. Tap to display the color you specify in full screen. ## In the color card management function Palette, click the plus button in the upper left corner, enter the new group name, then click Edit to enter the editing mode, and drag the color bar to the desired group! . #Full screen display color Mix and C…iOSiPadOS¥12023-01-31 free pick up

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