2023-01-29 | Apple iOS No In-App Purchases, Free Application 1 Recommended: Yellow Duck ID Photo (formerly the most beautiful ID photo duck)

News from IT House on January 29th, Apple’s iOS / iPad limited free application 1 recommendation:Yellow duck ID photo (formerly the most beautiful ID photo duck)-smart cutout to make all kinds of ID photo artifacts.

  • Freedom has a time limit and is uncontrollable: if the price is displayed when downloading, it means that the event has ended;

  • The free download is limited to one time, and the account is owned for life: when the application is deleted, it can be downloaded for free at any time in the future;

  • Limited to free means that the download is free: the in-app purchase content of the application is not included. Of course, the in-app purchase function is sometimes set to be free.

  • Note: In order to ensure the free recommendation experience, the daily free recommendation articles in IT Home are all apps without in-app purchases.

Yellow duck ID photo (formerly the most beautiful ID photo duck)-smart cutout to make all kinds of ID photo artifactsGraphics and Design 4.9 pointsYellow Duck’s ID photo, recommended by Xiaohongshu bloggers, Douyin’s super popular ID photo app, a must for job hunting and schooling! . Why choose Yellow Duck ID Photo? . “A powerful ID photo production software, users can save the digital ID photos without watermark to the phone album for free, and there are many practical gadget functions waiting for you to explore.”. === Hundreds of ID photo sizes, professional enough ===. Including 1-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch and other conventional sizes, and provide more than 100 kinds of officially designated certificate specifications, such as: graduation photos, degree photos, admission photos and other student certificates; accounting, postgraduate entrance examination, computer, civil servants, medical care, Postgraduate entrance examination, preschool teacher and language test…iOSiPadOS¥32023-01-28 free pick up

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