2023-01-28 | 2 recommended apps for Apple’s iOS with no in-app purchases and restrictions: mobile mouse and keyboard, CoinsNote

News from IT House on January 28th, Apple recommends 2 free apps for iOS/iPad: mobile mouse and keyboard, CoinsNote.

  • Freedom has a time limit and is uncontrollable: if the price is displayed when downloading, it means that the event has ended;

  • The free download is limited to one time, and the account is owned for life: when the application is deleted, it can be downloaded for free at any time in the future;

  • Limited to free means that the download is free: the in-app purchase content of the application is not included. Of course, the in-app purchase function is sometimes set to be free.

  • Note: In order to ensure the free recommendation experience, the daily free recommendation articles in IT Home are all apps without in-app purchases.

Move the mouse and keyboardefficiency 5 pointsApplication provides mobile mouse and keyboard. It’s great if you hook up your computer to a TV or projector so you can control it from your couch or bed. No more hunting for batteries, trying to balance a keyboard on your lap, or hunting for a mouse. Quick and easy setup.·From https://cherpake.com/get Install the free Assistant app.・Connect both devices to the same network. Safety. The application communicates using standard security measures such as HTTPS and only works on your local network. Every time an unknown device tries to establish a connection with your computer, the application…iOSiPadOS¥182023-01-27 free pick up

CoinsNote – Easy bookkeepingfinance 4.7 pointsBookkeeping is an integral part of personal finance, and it should be a simple and easy task. Yet the market is flooded with complex bookkeeping apps that are powerful but too complex to stick with. CoinsNote is a personal accounting software, which has a simple and elegant user interface and pays great attention to the operation experience, and is committed to making accounting into your living habit. The main advantage:. 1. User-friendly gesture operation, smoother to use. Unlike similar apps on the market that create new entries by pulling down, this app uses swipe left or right to start accounting. By swiping left or right, you can also toggle…iOSiPadOS¥122023-01-28 free pick up

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